Brundage Meets the Press: Preseason 2016

From Media Day,  this is the last in our pre-season IronPigs “interview series.”

Following the player interviews, we sat in on the pre-season meeting between Manager Dave Brundage and the media–beat writers, radio guys, TV stations…We were all crammed into his little office.

Just prior to this video recording, one of the reporters remarked, “You’ve got a lot of new players, skip.”

To which Brundage replied, “I’d better.  We were, what, 20 or 22 games under .500 last season?”

More on this video:  The audio is a little tough, as we strung the mic onto his desk.  The video is a little shaky because Cheryl was holding it 3 feet over her head as we were stacked three deep in his office.  This recording took place before the Syracuse series was cancelled and subsequently partially-played as two no-fan games last Friday.  This was also a day before Frieri was released.

Video, Editing and Titles by Cheryl Pursell:


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