A Good Day to Help a Good Cause 4/12/2016

Our good friend Pretzel Dave asked us to pass on information about supporting a charity that is near and dear to his heart.

Tuesday, April 12th 2016, 6-00pm
Where: Riley’s Restaurant & Pub, 4505 Main St, Whitehall, PA

“Come out and support Stacy and the MS Society. A percentage of your bill will be donated to the MS Society! She is doing an MS walk in Ocean City, NJ and is raising money for the MS Society. Please share with all your friends and family and come out for a great cause. Stacy and I thank you for your support!!”

If you aren’t able to make it to Riley’s tomorrow you can also contribute via the MS Society website that Stacy has set up.

Click here to view.

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  1. Kram— it’s definitely going to be a fun night, 50% of all proceeds going to MS—-on another note— great interview with Mr. Landes, I do know we all have to be politically correct, you did a great job! I would like to thank all the people whom have reached out to us, we have a new billboard on American Parkway, left of stadium exit also. We have decided to wait on a lawsuit, mainly because we are IronPigs and Allentown fans, we think the best thing to do is to flood Mr. Landes with your emails— let him know personally you want your pretzels back and our happy staff. Please email Kurt directly at klandes@ironpigsbaseball.com

    See everyone Thursday, myself, Debbie and Joe will be buying tickets for the opener.

    Thanks to everyone, Bert

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