SteelFC: The Inaugural Home Opener, In Pictures

The result wasn’t what we had hoped for, but the fledgling USL club never gave up–even down a man.  This is what it looked like last Sunday, through the lens of Cheryl Pursell:


SFC040320166D-62 SFC040320166D-70 SFC040320166D-106 SFC040320166D-124 SFC040320166D-132 SFC040320166D-169 SFC040320166D-175 SFC0403201670D-2 SFC0403201670D-39 SFC0403201670D-99 SFC0403201670D-128 SFC0403201670D-166 SFC0403201670D-175 SFC0403201670D-176 SFC0403201670D-182 SFC0403201670D-185 SFC0403201670D-211 SFC0403201670D-221 SFC0403201670D-223 SFC0403201670D-224 SFC0403201670D-232 SFC0403201670D-240 SFC0403201670D-245 SFC0403201670D-253 SFC0403201670D-284 SFC0403201670D-290 SFC0403201670D-305 SFC0403201670D-306 SFC0403201670D-319 SFC0403201670D-328 SFC0403201670D-339 SFC0403201670D-350 SFC0403201670D-354 SFC0403201670D-366 SFC0403201670D-389 SFC0403201670D-402 SFC0403201670D-403 SFC0403201670D-418

Boluwatife Akinyode departs after his second yellow

Boluwatife Akinyode departs after his second yellow

SFC0403201670D-463 SFC0403201670D-495 SFC0403201670D-500

GOAL! Steel FC

GOAL! Steel FC

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  1. Great pics Cheryl!!! Maybe next home game you can get a few shots of the fans, too. People love to see ’em, and they kind of mix it up, break up the steady procession of player pics. Just a thought.

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