Livin’ In The Box

From time to time we are fortunate to partake in some media opportunities in the Lehigh Valley with the IronPigs.

But today was a tad different.

empty_cokeFor the first time in IronPigs’ history and certainly in this blogger’s history as well, baseball was played with nary a fan in the stands. There were a few diehards watching both games from beyond the fence including our friend Rick.

Surreal was the reaction of IronPigs’ President and General Manager Kurt Landes who also commented on some of the other new additions to Coca-Cola Park. Nothing major but dugout_worksome nice cosmetic adjustments and overall refreshments of the venue – you’ll have to wait until opening day to discover them out for yourself.

Various workers/contractors were taking care of readying the Park including, deliveries, electrical work, seating maintenance and a bunch of other stuff. While I’m sure the IronPigs would have loved a stadium full of fans it would simply not have been safe or practical.


Life in the box is an interesting one.  A small group of professional reporters and a few of us bloggers. We always enjoy reading Tom Housenick‘s Morning Call coverage, Greg Joyce‘s Lehigh Valley Live coverage and Chuck Hixson from Philly Baseball Insider.

While there are other folks, these guys are the mainstays and are the ones bringing you the outstanding media coverage of not only the IronPigs but the rest of the sports world.

As a hobbyist it’s interesting and informative to watch the pros and while there may be some competition for readership among the press box crew there is also a strong camaraderie and a boatload of humor.

press_box_oneWhile a necessary evil at this time, the timer control box is also in the press box and that’s absolutely one job I would not want. Pete from the IronPigs does a great job keeping up with the action and is quite the comic himself.

The Pigs unfortunately lost both games of the double-header now making them a total of 15 games below .500 during 7 inning double-headers.

First game         1-5
Second game    1-2

The rest of the make-up games will occur during 2 double-headers on April 20th and August 18th up in Syracuse – hopefully the Pigs will fare better.

Baseball was played – no one was there to watch – and yes, it still counted.

Go Pigs!

Dishing from the Box


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  1. Tough way to start season considering Phillies “are deep at every position” per front office. Keep heads high, it’s tough to hit in cold weather.

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