Kram Interviews Tommy Joseph

Tommy Joseph Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Tommy Joseph
Photo: Cheryl Pursell

We all have our favorite players.  I don’t care who you are.  Even the national reporters, the big-wigs, everyone.  It might be for the story or it might be because the player is a good interview or is forthcoming with information.  For fans, it might be a player you identify with, or you like how he or she plays the game.  Or, maybe it’s a personal interaction or an autograph session or something of that nature.  But we all have our favorites.

If you’ve been reading these pages, you know I’m no different–except maybe I’m not afraid to tell you.  Tommy Joseph is one of my favorites.  He’s another genuine guy, who works hard and plays the game the right way.  He’s had to overcome some (read:  “a lot”) adversity, but has put in the work and is in camp in the best shape of his life.  His manager couldn’t say enough about him, and we’re really looking forward to seeing him play this season.  He hit something like .412 in minor league camp this Spring.

In the interview below, somewhat like the Stassi interview, I was trying to get him to talk about learning first base, and playing defense there.  I also have a special interest in sports vision and its role for successful players–I was surprised to hear his answer to that question.



Photos, video, sound and editing by Cheryl Pursell.



PS:  I know I’ve used that picture above a ton of times, but I love it.  It says, “Today’s a great day for baseball.  I’m having fun.  I’m going to mash today.  And, sleeves are bothersome on sweatshirts.”

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