@IronPigs Raising the Stakes! A New Name? A New Theme? A New Team?

The IronPigs have announced a press conference for Tuesday morning at Coca Cola Park. The only clue we are given is that they will, “Raise the Stakes.”


Raise the Stakes huh? Well, I was driving down Rt. 22 the other night and observed two over sized trailers pulling giant slabs of preformed concrete. Could the IronPigs be literally, raising, something? Could the (I forget who the sponsor is) Trough be raised up? Could there be a platform above or around other existing areas? Could there be a (gasp) 3rd level to the seating bowl? A theoretical, Clubby Club level for those in want of extreme luxury?

It could also mean raising the stakes of the Iron Rail trophy wager. Being one of only two wagers (known to me) and only active wager, that the IronPigs as an organization have accepted. Could the folks up in Scranton Wilkes Barre have tired of seeing IronPigs’ General Manager Kurt Landes singing and want more? Obvious enough, but not sure.

I have to admit that Raising the Stakes brings up some fun childhood memories. One of my Uncles once tried to sell “Tomato Steaks” meaning “Tomato Stakes.” Perhaps the IronPigs have made a spelling/word usage error as well.

Could the IronPigs be changing their trademark, their logo, their theme since 2007? Could they literally mean they will begin “Raising the Steaks?”

Soon to be grazing at Coca Cola Park?

Soon to be grazing at Coca Cola Park?

They have experimented with our bovine friends in the past.. with the ill fated cow plop contest.. but could Steak be the new Bacon?

Could all of the anti-bacon pressure have worked? Are we moving leaner and healthier, albeit in baby steps to satisfy the masses?

The Lehigh Valley Steer? The Lehigh Valley Cows? The Lehigh Valley Herders? For Star Wars night I can already see a LV Scruffy Nerfherder theme.. so many beefy options.. perhaps more of a marketing opportunity than a pig. Would they? That baseball team out in Reading did it. Although Ostrich, I hear is more healthy than beef.. Could you imagine the IronPigs not being the IronPigs?

I doubt it, but couldn’t let the chance to rib my cousin (who actually made the sign for my uncle) just one more time.

I wonder what DiPro, Decal and Kram think about this?

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  1. Oh we have quite a list! LOL

    Right up to and including bacon shaped protective netting.

    Or, raising the stakes on the Rich Thompson American Ninja Warrior Adventure Area.

    And just found this:

    Monumental ROCKY Statue:

    Exclusive Edition of 3
    Statue #1 – Located at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
    Statue #2 – Located at the San Diego Hall of Champions

    Statue #3 – FINAL casting NOW AVAILABLE for purchase and placement

    Huh? But why?

    Anyway, hope it’s good and helps heal the loss in my heart now that my favorite pretzels have departed.


  2. Questions for Kram :

    Re : “Raising The Stakes”

    Does this mean that qualifying for the annual International League playoffs is now important and players such as Chad Billingsley who not really concerned about results are no longer welcome in the IronPigs clubhouse?

  3. You’re all hilarious. Well, except the Colonel, who, of course, is spot-on.

  4. OK, well, now I’ll confess to reviewing the FireRock video teasers like the Zapruder film. And, I think I have it figured out–but I don’t know for sure and I don’t want to spoil the surprise if I’m right. So, I’ll let you in on some of the more creative ideas DiPro and I had for what this might be–some of them probably more entertaining at least, than the actual thing:

    –> New nets. New nets will go foul pole to foul pole and will require additional stakes.
    –> Legal betting (stakes) on the pork race.
    –> Season long, high-stakes 50/50
    –> Kurt bets playoffs for this season, otherwise next season is free. Tickets and concessions, everything.
    –> Stakes raised in IronRail series with Moosic. Loser GM has to quit. (note, this is another version of the previous guess, really.)
    –> It’s not stakes, it’s “steaks.” With the demise of Shula’s, the ‘Pigs have purchased that parcel out beyond center field which has been for sale for a while. They’ll open a SMALL steak restaurant–baseball theme. In her new capacity, Lindsey will be in charge of it. It will be called: “A Little Knupper”
    –> High stakes boxing/WWE/UFC this summer
    –> Extra big inflatables for the KidZone. Gonna take bigger stakes to hold them down with the wind.
    –> Tony Luke’s failed downtown, but they’re gonna try again at Coca Cola Park. Raising the Steak Sandwiches!
    –> ticket prices going up. WAY up. Like more than Philly. Only the high-stakes baseball fans will be able to afford it.
    –> TrackManBaseball providing the highest level of analytics in AAA.
    –> Nightly cash prizes for high scores in urinal games
    –> New, high-up seating area with attached casino.

    OK, that’s all I’ve got for now. But stay tuned for my official prediction, coverage from the presser, and exclusive reaction.


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