IronPigs: End of an Era, No More Philly Pretzels



It’s the end of an era over at Coca Cola Park as the Philly Pretzel Factory stands will be no more.  Coca Cola Park has assumed the pretzel concession effective for the 2016 season, and will feature an alternate brand of soft pretzel at all locations about the park going forward, according to the former concession owner.

After hearing the news, I reached out to the Philly Pretzel owner/operator for comment.  He tells me that this was a unilateral decision on the part of the IronPigs, and that he’s sad to leave.  He asked me to thank the IronPigs fans for all of the support over their seven years at the park.

For now, we’ll remember the good times:  We’ll remember the rivets with buttercream sabotaging my diet almost weekly.  We’ll remember the cinnamon pretzels delivered directly to my seat in the club level, helping soak up the early-inning beers.  We’ll remember the $1 pretzels available at the exits after the games.  And we’ll remember the trays of pretzels dropped off for free at the trough parties (BTW, those are gone too I hear) on Saturdays after the games.

Thanks, Philly Pretzel, for being part of our IronPigs lives over the past seven years.  We’re sad to see you go.  We promise to stop by the store on Hamilton Street, just down from the arena, when we need our fix.


Your friend,



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6 replies

  1. Very sad indeed. Good luck to Bert and his staff.

  2. Garlic rivets no more??????? No way!

  3. Thanks DiPro—the “new” prertzel will be a frozen twist, from Superpretzels. Since it is twisted, it is an ok product, with the preservatives, it holds up a few hours, same pretzel as Wawa sells. We are not entirely sure why management is doing this, last year there sales were 260 per game– this year they will need to sell 700 per game, to break even from last years profit on pretzels plus Philly Pretzel rent. I am not happy after the thousands of dollars in donations I’ve made over the last seven years, with rent total is over $335,000, that it came to this. The one thing management does better than promotions, is burn bridges, just ask Dietz Watson and Ppl to name a couple

  4. I’ve always been curious about those who choose to burn bridges.

    I wonder if they are unaware or they just simply don’t care.

    Sadly, the perception – whether true or not – is the latter.

    As unfortunate as it is, it’s probably true that any ill will created, donations lost or bridges burned will not affect the bottom line one bit and it’s been well proven over the years.

    You or I would never operate our businesses like that but alas they’ve been pretty darn successful at it.

    The question is could there be even MORE success without the bridges aflame?


    As you mentioned, the onus is now on them to sell product – time will surely tell if the decision was wise.

    On a semi-serious note:

    Perhaps Superpretzel will be the sponsor of the brand new 10th year anniversary scoreboard?!?

    Perhaps it’s a Coca-Cola Bottling/A-Treat/Jaindl thing?!? (That’s one way to bring the A-Treat in.)

    Perhaps Superpretzel is the new sponsor of the trackman radar system that was spotted on Pig Day?!?

    Don’t know what it’s doing there – not even positive what it is – didn’t ask – yet.

    Perhaps (if there is) new extra protective netting installed it will be shaped like a giant Superpretzel?!?

    Perhaps they need a Director of Delicate Communications?!?

    On a serious note:

    We are likely to never know the real of it all and that’s the most upsetting part of the whole thing – especially for you. At the same time, while they certainly could, I suppose they really don’t have any obligation to give reasons for anything they do.

    Sad but true.

    At the end of the day (to be honest) I can’t wait to get back to baseball.

    With that said, I know one thing I will never be purchasing at the Park again.


    Hope to see you in the Valley soon my friend – hope all is well!

    P.S. If you google search ‘superpretzel ironpigs’ (no quotes) and look at the images the first one is the Philly Pretzel logo.

  5. After a couple weeks of still trying, to no avail–even getting in touch with owners it is 100% official. We will always be grateful to the fans, stop by downtown Allentown store, show ticket stub, get a free pretzel. Say hello to Dennis and Dylan, the only two left from a team of 16. We will have an interesting billboard coming out soon, along with some great interviews with local papers. The “Allentown” dream team will be fun to watch.

  6. First I’m hearing of this. So very sad. I love the stadium experience and have for the last five years as partial season ticket holder. The Philly Pretzel Factory was always a part of that experience: garlic rivets for me, cinnamon pretzel for my wife. I appreciate the Pigs attempts to enhance the experience, but I dislike in equal measure when anyone tries to fix what ain’t broke. Very, very, VERY disappointed in Pigs management this time.

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