Steel FC Release Schedule; Busy Summer Taking Shape

Bethlehem Steel FC, USL affiliate of the Philadelphia Union, have announced their upcoming schedule for their inaugural season at Goodman Stadium on the campus of Lehigh University.  Let’s take a look:

steel fc sched


The image is a bit confusing to me, as it runs side to side and then down–I initially approached it as a list.  Anyway, quick observation and based on previous knowledge that there are no lights at Goodman, and sure enough all of the game times are day games.  Most are on weekends, with a couple week-day games, with times TBA.  Times are subject to change, of course, but most start at 3PM with a few at 4PM.

Goodman lined for soccer.  Photo courtesy Bethlehem Steel FC

Goodman lined for soccer. Photo courtesy Bethlehem Steel FC

Now let’s take a closer look, as I start to meld this schedule first with the IronPigs, then the Phantoms and SteelHawks, and finally with the Fightins.  I can say that there’s probably no way I get to all of these, but weather, promotions, guests, and the like will probably make my decisions clearer as the dates get closer.  Here’s a quick summary of the conflicts for the Lehigh Valley Mega Sports Fan: (in rough order of priority, with Steel FC in italics, with asterisk where “doubleheader” is possible–Reading baseball conflicts with IronPigs not included, but I’ll need to unload some tickets there, as well.)


Friday April 8

SteelHawks 7:30PM

Fightins 7:05PM


Saturday April 9

Phantoms 7:05PM

Fightins 6:05PM


Friday April 15

IronPigs 7:05PM

Phantoms 7:05PM


Sunday April 17

IronPigs 1:35PM*

SteelFC 3:00PM*

Phantoms 5:05PM*


Saturday April 23

SteelHawks 7:00PM

Fightins 6:05PM


Sunday April 24

SteelFC 3PM

Fightins 2:05PM


Saturday April 30

IronPigs 6:35PM

SteelHawks 7:00PM


Sunday May 1

IronPigs 1:35PM*

Steel FC 3PM*


Saturday May 21

IronPigs 6:35pM

SteelHawks 7:00PM


Sunday June 5

Steel FC 4PM*

Fightins 2:05PM*


Sunday June 12

IronPigs 1:35PM*

Fightins 5:05PM*


Sunday July 10

Steel FC 4PM*

Fightins 2:05PM*


Thursday June 14

Steel FC TBA*

IronPigs 7:05PM


Thursday June 21

Steel FC TBA*

Fightins 7:05PM8


Sunday June 24

Steel FC TBA* (would they do a 1PM or 2PM start?)

Fightins 5:05PM*


Sunday August 7

IronPigs 1:35PM*

Steel FC 4PM*

Fightins 5:05PM*


Sunday September 4

IronPigs 6:35PM*

Steel FC 3:00PM*


OK, so I’m probably the only person impacted by all of these conflicts, but it is interesting to see–and at this point unavoidable.  So I will be unloading tickets this year.  Stay tuned here, or follow on Twitter @Kram209 for the opportunity to win/buy/trade for tickets to the above teams.


See you….well all over the place, I guess,


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