BASEBALL: Bonus Games in Reading?

fightins sched


But you already know about the Futures Game and the annual 222 Showcase?  I know.  There might be more:

The new AA affiliate of the Colorado Rockies is the Hartford Yard Goats.  The former New Britain Rock Cats are moving to a brand new facility, Dunkin Donuts Park, in downtown Hartford.  By way of history, the Rock Cats were formerly the affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.  Here’s the thing:  The stadium might not be ready in time for the start of the season.

Once I heard such, I quickly checked the schedule and noticed the Reading Fightins ‘@HAR’ immediately after the Reading opening home stand, April 14.  Sweet–extra games, I thought!

Not so fast.  Turns out “HAR” is Harrisburg.  Hartford is “HFD.”  Reading doesn’t visit Hartford until June 14–and by that time the stadium should certainly be completed.  At least I would think.  You never know, so mark your calendar if you wish!

Reading schedule is above (click on it for larger version–but don’t print, go to the Fightins website for that.)  Go check out the Hartford team site and get a look at their ticket prices.  Sheesh.  I’m sure it will be a gorgeous facility and location, location, location–folks there can afford it I suppose.  But I’ll keep that in mind when I complain about prices in Allentown or Reading.  (also check out Nashville’s new park and their prices if you want the AAA equivalent.)


See you at the park,


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