Market Watch: Report on the Latest Phantoms Jersey Auction

phantoms preseason 2015 front

There’s not a ton of stripes, and not a ton of orange, but the Phantoms came out in these black CCM beauties to open the 2015 AHL preseason slate in October.  There wasn’t much explanation from the team about what the jerseys were or why they were wearing them.  However, they did come out in a white pre-season get-up last season, so at this point it seems to be their way.

At any rate, these authentic, game-used jerseys were recently auctioned off via EBay to fans hungry for authentic gear.  We’ve already discussed the dearth of authentic merchandise for sale by the club, so we won’t repeat that.  I will tell you that in my own quest for Phantoms authentics I’ve begun a database of all the game-worn jerseys the team has ever worn, going back to Philadelphia.  To my knowledge, no other source of that information exists–it will be published on these pages when I’ve exhausted my resources for information to that end, and have a chance to write it up.

In the meantime, take a look at the prices below if you want to get a gander at what something like this might cost you.  While perusing the prices and deciding how much you want to over-react, consider the economic market factors which are in effect here:

  • Authentic “game” jerseys are not available any other way–others are cheaply-made replicas
  • The jerseys have name and number already on them–and because they’re current players there’s a realistic possibility of having it signed–if you’re into that sort of thing
  • The jerseys are game-worn.
  • Items are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them.
  • On the retail market, “authentic” NHL jerseys cost $250.00 and personalized ones cost $360.00.  Based on those prices, I’d imagine the jerseys themselves, with numbers and patches and name plates cost the teams somewhere between $100 and $175, which is why these auctions started at $200.00
  • As far as I can tell, the profits from this auction went to the Phantoms themselves, and not their “Phantoms Charities” arm.

A couple more notes:  There are a couple jerseys missing from the below list.  At least one has been auctioned off via the game-day silent auctions, and another two or three may be in reserve for the same fate.  Some of the ECHL-destined guys are included here because they played with the Phantoms during the preseason.  There was no “C” or “A” because those players hadn’t been named yet.  The highest and lowest are in bold below.

I’m not sure what else is coming up auction-wise this season other than the “20-year” jersey which I wrote about the other day:  They’ll wear it four times and auction it off via auctioneer on March 4.  The auctioneer auctions tend to be a bit higher than the below prices because there is no time limit–they’ll keep going as long as folks are still bidding.  “You got any more jerseys, Stortini?” is what the auctioneer said last season… 😉


2 Alt $285.00

3 Morin $530.00

4 Hagg $282.00

5 Drewiske $410.05

6 Luukko $202.50

8 Pettersson $268.75

9 Bardreau $277.00

11 Walker $243.50

12 Padakin $515.00

13 McDonald $305.00

14 Gostisbehere $709.00

15 Parks $266.00

16 Palushaj $310.00

17 Goumas $355.00

20 LaMarche $287.00

21 Laughton $366.00

22 Conner $310.00

23 Leier $440.00

27  Comrie $321.00

29 Mathers $437.00

30 LaBarbera $330.00

33 Ouellette $343.39

34 Knapp $388.00

38 Rosehill $460.32

39 Pyett $305.00

40 Czarnik $268.25

41 Stolarz $420.00

42 Reid $212.50


So there you go.  Now you know where the market stands heading into your next auction–if you’re interested.  I’m sorry if any last minute bids weren’t recorded properly or if I missed anything.  Like I said above, some of these may pop up from time to time in other auctions–so if you missed out and want the design, keep your eyes peeled.

By way of full disclosure, I’ll tell  you I was bidding on two of the above, but was sniped at the last minute.  It’s bad to lose an auction like that by $5 or $10 but at the end of the day, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere in terms of what you’re willing to spend.  For me, I’ll just add it to my budget for the next round. 😉


Don’t shoot the messenger,



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  1. Hey nice article! I bought the Brent jersey in game silent auction for 300


  1. Phantoms Jersey Market Watch, 2015-16 vol. 2: “A Tale of Two M(a)cDonalds”

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