An Evening With The Reading Royals

Hey Hockey Fans….

In association with the Phantoms Phan Nation Phan Club, we’ll all heading down to Reading on Friday, November 20, to show our support for the Reading Royals.  For those who have been there before, you know what to expect.  It’s a nice little arena; it’s very comfortable and all the seats are good–and the fans are very passionate.  For those who haven’t been down, it’s a chance to support the ECHL affiliate of the Flyers and the Phantoms.

You’ll need to find your own transportation down–it’s an easy drive.  But, special ticket arrangements have been made for you–with discounts and minimal fees.  You can choose from seats in the silver or the purple sections at price points of $13 and $17 respectively.  Follow THIS LINK to order, or use the promo code “Phan” on the web site.  To order over the phone, call Derrick at 610-898-7216.  The only fee that will be added will be a $2 per ORDER charge–so get your tickets all at once!

The Reading roster right now has such familiar names as Maxim Lamarche, Adam Comrie, Matt Hatch, and Nick Luukko.  In addition, you may have heard of Cam Reid, Sam Windle, Kevin Sundher, and Geoff Walker.  By the time this game rolls around, some of our friends like Marty Ouellette, Brandon Alderson, Derek Mathers or Kevin Goumas may be back with Reading.  Plus, the Phantoms are out of town that weekend, so what else are you going to do for your hockey fix?

Derrick can answer questions about the group at the number above, or you can contact me at kramof209(at)  Otherwise, grab your tickets!  Let’s show Reading how we RISE UP!

rea-seating-chart Santander

See you at the arena,


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  1. Very thorough of the Reading Royals to list which end the home team attack two out of the three periods. The flip side to the obvious reason for doing that is that there are hockey people who do want to sit behind/in the same end as the hometown netminder, too.

    Dreimal Hoch auf der Reading Royals — Hoch! Hoch! Hoch!


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