The Pork Awakens



Special edition Star Wars jerseys are available now from the IronPigs with the purchase of four tickets for opening night versus Pawtucket on April 14, 2016.  The $23.75 per ticket price brings the total to $95 for the package.  You place the order and print your tickets, then you’ll get an email about the jersey–choosing design and size and whatnot, I suppose.  From what I understand, the jerseys are not available in the clubhouse store and won’t be sold separately.  However, there is a sentence about contacting your ticket representative during business hours if you have questions–so if you must have one of these, that’s an avenue to explore.

Personally, I just spent all my money on Reading tickets–so I’ll pass on this deal and stick with the authentic jerseys.  I haven’t been by the store lately–and they’re not online yet–but I’m looking forward to seeing the new Majestic Authentic jerseys for 2016.  That was the whole reason they were dumping the Wilson authentic styles late last season.  The logos and basic design elements should be exactly the same, of course–other than a possible tweak to the BIG LEHIGH little valley away grays–which they auctioned and hardly wore anyway.

Stay tuned, and I’ll see you at the park–both of them!


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