You Wanted More! And the @LVRollergirls Have it For You!

Can you tell that I’m really excited about the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ Saturday bout?
Well… that’s because I AM excited!

It’s roller derby! Hard hits! Adventure! Excitement! A Jedi may not crave these, but us sports fans do!

Get tickets here!

They knew We Wanted More and this morning I got confirmation that there will be a Roller Derby silent auction with all kinds of great stuff!


Get tickets here!

Why should you go to the Roller Derby this Saturday? Let me count the ways…

1. This new venue has real bleachers. No sitting on lawn chairs on a basketball court here.

2. It’s BYOB. (That stands for Bring Your Own Beer)… or Booze, or Soda… or whatever you want as long as it’s not in a glass container. (Glass breaks and make a monster mess.

3. There’s a real deal snack stand. Think volunteer fire company food. The auxiliary cooks up good homemade food at a very reasonable price! You know me and food and beverage options are deal makers and deal breakers for me.

4. These women are rock solid, high impact, never say never hard corps athletes. They put out a solid display of athleticism out there. No joke.

5. It’s really fun. These roller derby folks are great people. They are less friends as they are family. You show up and they will welcome you with open arms.

6. You don’t pay to park. You don’t pay $25+ for a ticket. You don’t pay for beer. (You just bring it yourself!).

7. Want to meet your favorite skater? Done. At the end of each bout both teams are immediately available for autographs, photos, a high five. This is after EVERY bout, not just on specified photo/autograph days.

8. There’s always an after party somewhere. The last one featured beer specials and great handmade mini-burgers. Pierogi too. (They had me at Pierogi)

9. There’s going to be a Silent Auction! I’ve been getting reports of a lot of cool items up for bid. I will list what I have photos of below and will add more as I receive them.

Get tickets here!






Additional Items for the auction:Updated 2:19PM


– A plush, knitted hat and scarf set
– One-of-a-kind Derby illustration
– A Martial Arts gift package
– A Boxing gift
– An Absolutely You Salon gift package
– A Title Boxing Club gift package

Get tickets here!

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