Warning! Watching This Video Will Cost you $11.34 @LVRollergirls

I’m sharing this video, but I’m sending you forward with caution…

After you watch this video you will be buying yourself a ticket to this weekend’s Roller Derby Doubleheader!

Not only that… you’ll bring a carload of friends along too!

Go ahead, I dare you to watch this and resist the urge to click the below link:

Ok, here’s the link to buy tickets, again. I TOLD YOU you’d want in on this great time!

There’s kick-ass roller derby, (Yes Kram, I feel strongly enough to use the A word), it’s BYOB! You can bring your favorite tasty, frosty, foamy beverage along!


Not only is it allowed, it is encouraged! (For safety, no glass containers)

I heard some talk about a possible silent auction… not completely sure on that, but I guarantee you there will be a merchandise table full of your favorite Lehigh Valley Rollergirl’s gear! When’s the last time anyone asked you about your baseball/football/hockey hat? Yeah, I thought so. Wear some Roller Derby gear and you’ll get people to notice you!

I’ll be there! Will you?


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