Don’t Even Bother to Vote

“If you choose not to decide,

you still have made a choice”

–Rush (Freewill, 1980)




Ever get the feeling that the “fix” is in?  “The team name was chosen by a fan vote.”  We’ve heard that before, right?  The IronPigs, the RailRiders recently.  I think the Yard Goats who start play in Hartford next Spring.  But did fans really choose those names?  Hey, if you want to go and vote for the name of the new Lehigh Valley USL soccer team, you can.  Here’s the web site.   Of course, they want your personal information…

But let me tell you it’s already been decided.  The Philadelphia Union have already registered the first two names.   Around here, we think that it will be “Bethlehem Steel FC” while they play at Goodman–but they’ll keep “Lehigh Valley Steel FC” in their back pocket for when/if they move down to the riverfront in Allentown.

Now, don’t think I’m being too hard on them (or the other “fan votes” for that matter.)  If I owned the team, not only would I want to have the final say in the name, I’d want the Brandiose-type mock ups of the potential candidates in hand as well.  Plus, it’s not like we at the Horn and Bell Blog haven’t had a few of our own un-scientific polls around here, from time to time.  😉

So go vote.  Have fun.  But it’s Bethlehem Steel FC.  Yes, it’s a dead industry and a company that ultimately failed. And yes, it’s “only” soccer.  But it’s also part of this region’s history and part of this country’s history.  I’m fine with it.

Other News on the Soccer Front

Kram III and I went down to catch a Union game last Sunday.  We had a great time and had great seats.  We couldn’t be more excited for the USL affiliate to arrive in March.  Hopefully, or local team won’t gouge us quite so hard for parking and concessions.

View from the club at PPL Park

View from the club at PPL Park Photo: Kram

Pre-Game View of the Commodore Barry Bridge, from our seats.  Photo: Kram

Pre-Game View of the Commodore Barry Bridge, from our seats. Photo: Kram

View of game play.  Photo: Kram

View of game play. Photo: Kram

The Union won 2-0 over Houston and a good time was had by all.  Except, maybe the opposing coach, whose head you can see in the above photo.  He wasn’t too pleased all night.  I almost reported him for “unruly fan behaviour” as he wouldn’t sit down or shut up all night.  It was fun, though.  I definitely want to go back whenever I can.

Another soccer news item:  This report suggests the US Soccer Hall of Fame might be coming to the Poconos.  Now, the rendering in the story is quite grand, but I think a scaled-down version with a nice stadium to be shared by the Bethlehem Steel FC could be done along the waterfront in Allentown.  And, those investors could get tax money to help pay for it all–much easier–via the current improvement scheme already in place.  What do you think?

More news as it becomes available,


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