Hockey Night in Allentown: “Big Time”

“I’m on my way, I’m making it
I’ve got to make it show, yeah
So much larger than life
I’m going to watch it growing”

–Peter Gabriel



We’re Back

Hockey phans return to the PPL Center tonight as the Flyers come to town for an NHL exhibition versus the New York Islanders.  Rise up! …for big-time NHL hockey!

Last season, we enjoyed a Flyers/Phantoms intra-squad scrimmage, and the NBA came to town for an exhibition featuring the Philadelphia 76ers and the Orlando Magic.  However, this is the first time we’ll see an NHL game of any type in downtown Allentown.

For hockey fans in the Queen City, it’s time to show the “big boys” what the phan support looks like at the PPL Center.  For the PPL Center, it’s time to show the phans and the guests what you’ve got–and what to expect in 2015-16.


This is the first pre-season game for each team, as they undertake home-and-home split squad exhibitions simultaneously in Allentown and Brooklyn.  Another Flyers/Phantoms lineup is there in Brooklyn tonight to face off against another Islanders/SoundTigers squad.

Here’s what we’ve heard–with the understanding that everything is subject to change with regard to lines and even the players who’ve been announced to play in Allentown:

12 Raffl – 28 Giroux – 93 Voracek

89 Gagner – 40 Lecavalier – 20 Umberger

76 VandeVelde – 78 Bellemare – 25 White

41 Rosehill – 68 Bardreau – 80 Konecny

15 Del Zotto – 82 Medvedev

23 Manning – 22 L. Schenn

43 Drewski – 79 Provorov

30 Neuvirth (67 Ouellette)

**A full roster with sweater numbers was not available at press time for the Islanders.

Giroux and Voracek. Image courtesy

Giroux and Voracek. Image courtesy

Game Information

Puck Drop:  7:05PM

Doors Open:  6:00PM

Tickets:  Plenty of seats still available on the primary marked from  Mostly ends, as the uppers went more quickly because they were slightly less expensive.  Better seats are available on the secondary market, but cost more.

Parking:  Arena Deck parking is available via, although may be sold out at this time.  You can also pre-purchase parking in the Allentown Authority Spiral or ATC facilities (while supplies last) by going here.  Otherwise, you may consult our parking knowledge base here or view the parking facilities in real time here.

Broadcast:  Comcast SportsNet will pick up the Service Electric TV-2 feed with Degler and Boucher on the call, so you can watch it either place.  Bob Rotruck will have the radio call on AM-1470 as well as the IHeartRadio app.  Pregame for TV (Service Electric) begins at 6:30PM live from Chickie’s.  Radio pregame at 6:20.  Live, real-time radio call is available in the arena on 89.9 FM.

Promotion:  The SuperFan will be back!  Wandering through the crowd, blocking views, hogging time on the big screen instead of replays, and distributing free sweaty T-Shirts.  Yay!  [sarcasm font off]

PreGame Meal:  Downtown will be buzzing for this one.  Get down there early if you wanna get a table.  I’d say before 5PM–perhaps as early as 4:30PM for Chickie’s and Pete’s.

What to Watch

  • Watch out for that [deleted] “professional fan.”
  • Watch 79 Provorov and 80 Konecny–the two talented rookies will likely head back to Juniors–unless they somehow make the Flyers.  They won’t, however, be Phantoms this season due to age restrictions.  If they go to Philly next season, then, maybe they never play for the Phantoms.  This might be our only chance to see them in Allentown.
  • Watch to see if the Sound Tige–I mean Islanders, put up much of a fight.
  • Watch to see if the end sections sell out by game time.  Could be a nice night for some walk-up, and maybe some Philly fans who are sick of the Phillies and Eagles could make the drive up.
  • Watch to see news about Mason–he’s not appearing in either game tonight.
  • Look to see if they’ve made any changes or improvements to our area.  Most of us haven’t been in there since hockey season ended in April.

What’s Next

Preseason for the AHL squad begins on Wednesday, September 30 when the team heads up the turnpike to face the Penguins.  Visit for information about tickets to that game (if still available) if you’d like to head up to Wilkes-Barre to support the team.  Hockey returns to Hamilton Street on Saturday, October 3 when the Wolf Pack come to town for a pre-season tilt.  That exhibition will be followed by another on Sunday, October 4 when the Pens come to town.  The regular season slate for the Phantoms starts on Saturday, October 10 when the Syracuse Crunch arrive in Allentown for an opening-night beat down!


Rise Up!

See you at the arena,


PS:  Nothing personal Cameron–I just don’t think you’re necessary:


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4 replies

  1. Islanders tonight at PPL in Allentown: (subject to change and all that)

    Islanders Tonight:

    F: Boulton-Cizikas-Halmo
    Dal Colle – Quine-Collberg
    D: de Haan-Graham
    G: Greiss (Gibson)

  2. Any pictures of this “Superfan”?

    While I was aware that CSN and SECTV have had sort-of relationships in the past (indirectly through third parties such as the backers of Phillies Nation) it is really rare for actual TV2 product to get picked up by the Philly sportser. Still, what’s been happening with the team makes even preseason games worth the trouble for CSN.

    • I congratulate this schmo for finding a way to get paid to go to games and cheer–something I pay thousands and thousands of dollars to do each and every year. I just don’t think it’s necessary for the Phantoms to pay him…

      Pic added above, courtesy dude is @cameroncheers on twitter

  3. “PS: Nothing personal Cameron–I just don’t think you’re necessary” YOU NAILED IT!!!

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