[POLL] What Do You Think About The Friday Uniforms?

Lately, the IronPigs have been forgoing their normal Friday “Blackout” pajama-like get-ups, for a combo with white pants and the black jersey.  I’m kind of undecided about how it’s working.  The white in the pants makes the white in the name plate pop, which is cool. I’m thinking I like it much better when the players wear their pants such that the black socks show–it minimizes the effect of the red shoes most of them wear.  But, what do you think?  First, some photos….

Sean O'Sullivan  Photo: Cheryl Pursell  --Black Pajamas with red shoes

Sean O’Sullivan Photo: Cheryl Pursell –Black Pajamas with red shoes

Sev Gonzalez.  Photo: Cheryl Pursell.  White pants--no socks showing.

Sev Gonzalez. Photo: Cheryl Pursell. White pants–no socks showing.

Aaron Altherr.  Photo: Cheryl Pursell.  Black Socks

Aaron Altherr. Photo: Cheryl Pursell. Black Socks


See you at the park,


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7 replies

  1. I liked the black jersey, white pants, black socks, and red shoes last night. It looked much better than the all-black uniforms.

  2. I just don’t get any part of this “Black Out” stuff to begin with mostly because, since Day One of the franchise’s existence, the official colors of the AAA Lehigh Valley IronPigs have always been red, white and blue (rather patriotic stuff, if I may point out).

    I always thought the original home white uniform with the original blue hat was nothing less than a legitimate grand slam. The original IronPig logo is phenomenal and every bit as iconic as those famed pinstripes of the New York Yankees. Sadly, it seems as if the IronPigs want to wear their original uniforms less and less all the time with every passing year and this apparent uniform policy just does not excite me one bit.

    (Could there be any correlation whatsoever between declining attendance at the Park this season and the IronPigs’ ever-expanding wardrobe selection?)

    Yes, I completely understand it is all about “marketing” (i.e., making money) and so that’s that, then, isn’t it?

    Next season, the IronPigs will be wearing uniforms featuring a frying pan because even blind men can see in what direction the team have been heading in.

  3. Guess I’m in a gross minority here… okay…

  4. I’d just as well watch the IronPigs play in standard grey sweats so long as they might win just a little bit more often. Even Provence and Schaeffer acknowledged on several occasions that a record of 4-3 in two series at home against the two teams with the worst records in the IL leaves much to be desired. Having said that, the IronPigs can still make things right by downing those dreaded Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankee Frog Porcupine Rail Monkey Whatevers …

  5. “I don’t care what we wear, as long as we win.” –IronPigs Pitching Coach Ray Burris, 2014.

  6. Anyone checking back on this thread, or the results of the poll should know: There was rumor following the publication of this poll that the IronPigs coaches and players were “ordered” to go back to the black-on-black look for Friday nights (and so it was on 7/31), despite the fact that the players seem to prefer the white pants. FWIW, the players also seem to prefer the more mesh-like “BP” cap rather than the standard blue game cap. Look closely and you’ll see. Word is, there are folks who are not happy about such.

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