Could A-Treat Make it to Coca Cola Park?

By now you all know of my love for that tasty beverage A-Treat. You know the history. You know they closed earlier this year. You know that Facebook groups popped up to get someone to revive the product.

Also, by now you know that A-Treat has been purchased and will be revived.

(Pause for that exhilarating moment of happiness)

What we also know is that the Jaindl’s are who saved our beloved A-Treat.

Jaindl has a turkey stand at Coca Cola Park. Actually one of my favorite food items at CCP is their turkey sandwich. (Right next to the Gyro Company Gyro and Philly Pretzels)

Could the Jaindl stand start selling bottles of cool, refreshing, tasty A-treat?

Not in Coca Cola Park! Right? No way! Put on the Brakes! Not a chance!

But wait!

The details released recently are saying that Coca Cola of the Lehigh Valley will be the official “bottler” of the revived A-Treat.


Could all the stars fall into place. Could folks in the Lehigh Valley enjoy their favorite A-Treat flavors at their favorite minor league ball park?

I’m not saying it’ll happen. I’m not saying it won’t. What I’m saying is that there’s a chance.

I’ll add just this…


and Thank you.


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  1. I’ll be happy if they can at least come back to the little neighbourhood stores that they’ve been in all these years, e.g. Guetter Street Metro Mart and Black Forest… the ballpark would be a plus, but you’re not taking too much cooler space away from CCBCLV…

    • No, but a couple pointed choices at the Jaindl stand only–flavours which don’t compete with the Coke products–wouldn’t be a surprise. I wonder what kind of co-op agreement CCBLV has with Coke National? Perhaps their contract for the sponsorship would forbid it, despite the local production…

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