Pitcher Movement Continues–News, Notes, and Rumors

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

With the Phillies and IronPigs postponed by rain on Saturday, and Reading on Sunday, the starting pitcher carousel is turning out of control.  Billingsley will be activated from the DL to make the start on Thursday for the Phillies–with a corresponding move to come.  Sev Gonzalez won’t be ready to pitch again until Friday–and neither will Jason Berken or probably Chris Leroux.  Colin Kleven will join Reading from Clearwater.  From news reports and rumors, here’s what I’m hearing:


Monday:  O’Sullivan

Tuesday: Hamels

Wednesday: Harang

Thursday: Billingsley (Adam Morgan’s Spot)

Friday: Correia / Morgan


Monday: Nola

Tuesday: Vasquez

Wednesday: (Morgan  or Lively)

Thursday: (Morgan or Biddle or Buchanan)

Friday: Berken or Gonzalez


Monday: Eflin and Leiter (doubleheader)

Tuesday: Windle (or Kleven)

Wednesday: Lively (or Windle)

Thursday:  Biddle (or Lively)

Friday: (Next Up, Joely Rodriguez, or Brandon Leibrandt)


Discussion:  David Buchanan and Brandon Leibrandt are on schedule to start on Thursday, but neither have been cleared to return to their teams–much less Leibrandt promoted–so I’m speculating a bit there.  Morgan only pitched an inning or two on Saturday, so he could turn around for Wednesday in Allentown if necessary, but hasn’t been sent down yet.  I didn’t think Biddle looked too sharp watching his start on video from Saturday, but others have said it was good save one or two pitches–hard for me to tell from online video.  Joely hasn’t done great in Reading, either, I don’t think, so I’m not sure he’ll get re-promoted just yet.  Lively pitched in AA last year, so has some tenure there if they want to challenge him.  Rain is in the forecast for a couple of these days, too, so that could add a reprieve to the shortage.

Stay tuned.  We might not be winning, but it won’t be boring.



(featured image: Cheryl Pursell)

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  1. I’ll toss this here… our ol’ buddy Erik Kratz outrighted to the PawSox per MLBTradeRumors.

  2. Just wondering what the news about Brian Bogusevic being selected for Team USA in the upcoming Pan American Games will have (if any) on his July 1 opt out clause. Zach Eflin of the Reading Fightin’s was also named to the team. Games are scheduled from July 10 to July 19. Note that the entire USA team is comprised of players not currently on a major league 40 man roster.

  3. It is taken for granted in some quarters that Bogus is as good as gone.

    • I certainly thought so, but Decal’s point is a good one. If he’s trying to hook on to another team where he’s got a better chance of being on the 25-man roster, it might be difficult if he’s away at the Pan Am. He might just stick around, take the time off for Pan Am and then opt out at a later point if an opportunity presents. We’ll see. Interesting that he wasn’t in the lineup last night–although Henson’s hitting the ball really well right now.

      • zum Glueck, der junge Spieler Altherr hat in seinen ersten AAA-Spiele mit den IronPigs sehr gut gemacht 😉

        So, even after July 1st comes and goes, then Bogus can still “opt out” anytime he wants or what?

        • I think opt out clause extensions can be negotiated. I remember Jason Grilli’s opt out date was June 1 but he was on the DL at that time. He didn’t leave until July 20th.

          Here’s an interesting piece from an article about signing a minor league deal with an opt out clause by former pitcher CJ Nitkowski:

          …the language in the contract of a non-roster invitee is critical. Out clauses are huge and they are negotiable. The more service time you have, the more leverage you have. An out clause allows a player in spring training or the minor leagues to opt out of his contract and become a free agent.

          Out clauses are important because they prevent you from potentially being trapped in a team’s minor-league system. This is where the written word outweighs the verbal promise of a GM. Always get it in writing. The advantage of the minor-league out clause not only helps prevent a player from getting stuck in a minor-league system, it can also be used as leverage to get to the big leagues. For example, if you are playing or pitching well in Triple-A and you have an out, the team knows you are likely to leave when your out clause date comes up. They then have to decide to either bring you to the major leagues with them or let you leave for another team. This is valuable protection for a player.

          • Talk to me about “protection” for the cash-paying fans — I’m sick and tired of crappy AAA IronPigs teams that, year in and year out, just can’t compete for a playoff spot but, instead, are constantly engaged in battles to stay out of the International League basement (as is, once again, the case THIS season).

            Naked truth be told — I care as much as how much the players make at their jobs as much as the players care how much I make at my job.

            Having said that — nice work out of the IronPigs last night to rally from an early 7-1 deficit and storm to a big 12-8 victory over those dastardly New York Yankee farmhands in Game Eight of the all-important IronRail Trophy series.

            What about a three-game sweep tonight? I mean, hey, why not, right??? Right – so, let’s go for it!

  4. Pitching update:

    Reading looks like:
    Tues: Kleven
    Wed: Lively
    Thur: Biddle
    Fri: TBA (Windle, Riobal, J-Rod?)

    Tues: Vasquez
    Wed: TBA (?Morgan on short rest–pitched only an inning or two Sat)
    Thurs: Buchanan
    Fri: Sev Gonzalez

    Correia Friday–Morgan not listed.

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