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  1. Getting back to the IronRail games from this past weekend — I’m very disappointed that the IronPigs just can NOT find it in their soul to EVER act like they are actually trying to win.

    I am referring, of course, to Saturday night’s 7-5 loss to those carpetbagging Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees. It was NOT necessary to send Paul Clemens out to pitch in the top of the 9th and those two earned runs conceded by Clemens just may very well have cost the IronPigs a series victory. Now, instead of being tied at 3-3 in the IronRail, the current holders find themselves down 4-2 in the season series to those despised Trolley Frogs at present.

    Even the normally politically-correct Matt Provence questioned the move to “throw Clemens to the wolves” on the radio broadcast!

    Yeah, yeah, “Player Development”. Blah, blah, blah. The IronPigs have 126 OTHER regular season games to do all the player development stuff they want.

    IronRail Trophy games should be taken very seriously — as a matter of standard operating procedure, these encounters with the intra-state rival SWB should be treated like do-or-die playoff games … (which, by the way, would be excellent experience for IronPigs players if they actually ever do find themselves in a real playoff game, be it in the International League or the Majors)

    “Yawn” is about right.

  2. Well, Altherr’s arrival is kind of exciting, and the Nix chapter is OK to close. McGowan was an effective AAA closer for us for a week, and now Phillippe opted out of his contract and become a free-agent, ending his tenure in Allentown and Philadelphia.

    David Buchanan should be back to pitch for us, at least temporarily. Chad Billingsley will be around until he can demonstrate some “results,” and Jesse Biddle has been pushing for a promotion. Finally, I’ve heard whispers that the rest of the Reading outfielders are in line to follow Altherr to Allentown: Perkins and Dugan within the next couple weeks. We’ll see.

    Time is tight, but I’ll try to have a review–as well as a preview of the upcoming home stand–up by Friday at some point.

  3. Nix was utterly worthless. This character Billingsley is a write-off. This kid Altherr’s arrival IS kind of exciting.

  4. Playing his first professional game today, Phillies #1 draft pick Cornelius Randolph was batting third as the Designated Hitter for the GCL Phillies. He had 3 hits in 3 at bats plus a walk, He scored a run and one of his 3 hits was a triple.
    2nd round pick Scott Kingery from the University of Arizona is beginning his career with the Lakewood Blue Claws in Class A. Batting second and playing 2nd base, he singled in his first at bat tonight and flew out to RF in his 2nd AB. 4th round pick, first baseman Kyle Martin from U. of S. Carolina is also playing at Lakewood and had an RBI single in his first at bat.

  5. This is the 8th season of AAA IronPigs baseball in the Lehigh Valley. Every year, we, the fan base, are assured that the future is so bright, we all ought to be wearing sunglasses. And every season, it never really is much more than a battle to stay out of the International League basement.

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