More Details About The Flyers/NHL Visit To Allentown

From the Flyers exhibition last season.  Photo: Kram

From the Flyers exhibition last season. Photo: Kram


By now you’ve heard:  The Flyers are coming!  The Philadelphia Flyers will host an NHL preseason game against the New York/Brooklyn Islanders on Monday, September 21, 2015 at the PPL Center in downtown Allentown.  Here are some other things to know about the game, if you haven’t already heard:

  1. Game Time:  The original announcement didn’t include the time of the game.  It will be a 7:05PM puck drop as per normal for hockey in Allentown.
  2. It’s The First Pre-Season Game For Both Teams.  We’ll see how that impacts who plays, how they look, how much ice time they get, and so on.  Also,
  3. Split Squad:  At the same time as the Flyers/Islanders game in Allentown, there will also be a Flyers/Islanders game at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn.  Of course, we won’t know which players are playing and where they’ll be until just prior to the game.  However, I’m being told that the game at the PPL Center will feature the ‘A’ team for the Flyers and the ‘B’ team for the Islanders.  While that means that we’ll likely see all the “stars” who play for the Flyers, if they’re ready and available, but we’ll be seeing them face off against the Sound Tigers more than the Islanders.  It makes sense that the top Islanders players would play in front of their home crowd at Barclays.
  4. Tickets:  Ticket prices are $55 lower level, and $42/$32 for the upper level.  They go on sale to the general public July 30, if there are any left.
  5. Broadcast:  Broadcast information via TV and Radio has not been disclosed at this time.  I’d imagine Comcast will get a say in how/where the two games are broadcast in our area.
  6. Season Ticket Holders: Full Season Ticket Holders can purchase their own seats for the game right now, at a 10% discount.  If you haven’t done so already, navigate to your Online Account Manager, click on Season Renewals in the right-hand column, then click on the game in the left column to purchase.  If you have difficulty, or have not yet set up your online account manager, call your season ticket rep.  If you don’t have a season ticket rep, call the Phantoms ticket office.  Tickets purchased online will be emailed at a later date–keep your order information.  The “limited time” for STH to take advantage of this pre-sale is said to be until July 26.  Still, I wouldn’t wait too long.  An interesting note:  My 10% discount exactly equaled the fees that the ticket order cost for my two seats–came out to exactly $110.  But what if I want more tickets?  I believe STH will get pre-sale opportunity for additional and/or different seats on Tuesday, July 28.  However, I believe Flyers seaston ticket holders get pre-sale that day, too, so watch for more details and get in early if you’re in the market for more seats.  What about partial-season ticket holders?  As far as I know, a date has not been given, but watch your email or touch base with your rep as you’ll have the opportunity to pre-purchase your own seats as well.
  7. This Might Not Be The Only Time:  Flyers officials have said that they would like to make this an annual tradition, but much of that depends on the scheduling and the availability of the arena, and so on.  I imagine it also depends on fan support and the ability to sell out the arena–which they almost certainly will this time.  Personally, although I’m not a huge Flyers fan, I did plunk down for my seats, just to take part in the spectacle of it all.  I don’t know as I’ll do it every year, though. FWIW, the Flyers have also said that they dislike the split-squad thing on principle.  Perhaps future match-ups won’t have watered-down rosters.

See you at the arena,


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  1. I poked my nose into Blues/Brews/BBQ (7th to 9th on Ham) and Phantoms had a booth by Tim’s, but didn’t see if any of the handbills available referred to this game… one definitely mentioned ST rates, I believe…

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