IronPigs Roster Update: Sev and the Gute

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Roster move’s we’ve heard about have become official this morning:

RHP Severino Gonzalez has been returned to the IronPigs from the Phillies via option, as they added veteran RHP Kevin Correia this week.  Sev will return to his usual #13 and start for the ‘Pigs tomorrow in Norfolk.

RHP J.C. (Juan Carlos) Gutierrez was signed by the Phillies to a minor league contract and assigned to the IronPigs.  He’ll wear #54.  (aside:  I have a #54 Zambrano jersey, so I’m good!)  The 6’3″ 245lb Venezuelan has 5+ seasons of MLB service time.  The 31-year old went 1-2 over 61 games for the Giants last season with a 3.96 ERA and a 1.194 WHIP.  He had been with Sacremento in AAA this season.

The moves bring the IronPigs roster back to the maximum 25.  RHP Paul Clemens, SS Edgar Duran, C Tommy Joseph and RHP David Buchanan are on the D.L.  Return times are unknown at this time, but I have heard that Clemens and Duran are working, Tommy is going through the concussion protocols, and Buchanan is rehabbing a severely sprained ankle with a targeted return time somewhere between July 1 and the conclusion of the All Star Break July 16.

Printable Roster:

2015 LHV Roster 6-10


See you at the park,


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  1. Sadly, the word I’ve been hearing about catcher Tommy Joseph is that his doctors are advising him to retire from baseball because of the number of concussions he’s had in his all-too-brief career. What a crushing blow it would be to this fine young man, who’s come back from injury so many times in his quest for a spot on the Phillies.

    It’s odd because I clearly remember the play that caused his latest injury. A foul tip came off the bat quickly and hit him at the top of, or just above his mask. He quickly jumped up, turned around and seemed to shake it off quickly, then went back to finish out the inning. But when his turn at bat came up in the bottom of the inning, he was replaced with a pinch hitter and has been out ever since. It just didn’t seem that bad at the time it happened, but obviously it was.

    I’m sure every IronPigs fan is rooting for Tommy to get better quickly, because concussions can be a nasty business. But much as we hope he’ll play again and go on to be a Major League star, we also hope he makes his health the priority if he has to make a decision about his future in baseball.

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