The Nola Is Coming! The Nola Is Coming!


Kram thinks he’s figured out when Nola will arrive to pitch for the IronPigs.  No, really.  He’s pretty sure this time.  It will be and even-number day.  Or, odd.  One of those.


Nola Fires on May 5.  Photo: Kram

Nola Fires on May 5. Photo: Kram


Once they announced this weekend that Nola would be skipping his start, it was on.  A poof of smoke and I had fires burning all over the Twittersphere–I was ready to unleash spies in the clubhouse to see if Nola was in town to get on the bus to Durham following Sunday’s IronPigs game.  I even got digitally scolded for all this.

However, this time I think I’ve got it.  Or, not.  Look, I’ll give you the evidence, and you can decide if I’m on the right track or not.  Any tickets you buy will still get you into the park to see a nice baseball game, regardless.  You might even get a nice Ice Cream Scoop!

But before we present the evidence, let me just say this:  What do you really want out of Nola?  You want him to pitch well?  You want to see him pitch in person?  You don’t care about him, you just want to see winning baseball?  You can get all of those things in Reading, Pennsylvania.  That’s what occurred to me, when I went to take the pictures you see here–and then went back and did it again.  Reading is a nice place to see a game, not that far from Allentown OR Philadelphia.  I say get in your car and drive there, and you’ll get to see him pitch.  Quit belly-aching on the radio about him getting “called up” or not.  He’s there for all to see.  And, he’s fabulous.

Photo: Kram

Photo: Kram


OK, evidence.  Nola was scheduled to pitch in the Reading rotation tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10.  It was put forth on Sunday that he would skip his start for “maintenance” reasons, just like they had recently done with Eflin.  Later in the morning on Sunday, word out of Reading was that he’d pitch “a week from today” in Reading against the Rubber Ducks, on Sunday, June 14.

Next, in the Reading Eagle this morning there was an article (couldn’t read it behind the pay wall) revealing that Nola would be moved up to AAA “very soon.”  The WIP morning crew asked Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr specifically about that article this morning on the radio.  For whatever reason, I happened to be listening at the time.  Ruben confirmed that it would happen “very soon.”

It’s kind of unusual for these guys (personnel guys) to reveal anything like that about pending moves.  Lots of times, it’s because they want to keep the player focused on the task at hand, and tell him about the move, first.  For that reason, I speculated somewhat privately that Nola could be pushed back to Monday, June 15 and start for the ‘Pigs at home versus Buffalo.  They certainly wouldn’t drive him to Norfolk for Sunday’s game only to get back on the bus after the game.  Monday would be consistent with “very soon” and would also allow for Nola having been told personally, already.

Then, this came over Twitter:

reading Nola Day

Reading is now promoting SATURDAY as “Nola Day” in Reading, what with fireworks and 20 of my friends, and all that.  This graphic came from Twitter, though, and there’s no mention of it on the Reading web site right now, and they still have Lively listed as the probable starter, so it could be a mistake, but…

If he starts Saturday for Reading, his next turn will be Thursday.  The IronPigs are home for Buffalo.  So, there you have it, Nola Day in Allentown:  Thursday, June 18, 2015.  

Photo: Kram Junior

Photo: Kram Junior


See if I’ve got it this time.  You know, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, right?  If I keep predicting stuff, eventually something will happen.  Get your tickets now.  In Reading, if you wanna be sure. 😉


See you at the park,


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  1. Better yet, get a season ticket. Then you’ll be sure not to miss his debut!

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