“Gut It Out” –Jake Diekman Back With IronPigs


And, other pre-game news and notes–and a printable roster–to get you ready for the game tonight.

“it might happen any day
might be light years away
I don’t mind mind mind
we gotta head down, ears back,
headed for the barn
feelin’ fine fine fine

get offa my line
’cause I’m comin’ through
I’m aimin’ high
and I’m willin’ to shoot

I won’t bow, I wont bend
I won’t break, I’ll [gut] it out
I won’t budge, I won’t deal
I won’t change, I’ll [gut] it out
(gut it out) Keep Rockin’ (gut it out) No stoppin’
‘Til I win the prize, I’ll [gut] it out
(gut it out) straight ahead (gut it out) knock’em dead
no comprimise I’ll [gut] it out”

–Webb Wilder “Tough It Out”


DIEK! Photo (c) Cheryl Pursell

Photo (c) Cheryl Pursell


After the Phillies game last night, LHP Jake Diekman was optioned to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.  In a corresponding move, RHP Dustin McGowan had his contract selected to return to the Phillies, today.  McGowan had pitched well for the IronPigs and assumed more of a high-leverage role and de facto closer of late.  With the Phillies earlier in the season, he had more of a long role, and even spot-started a game for them.  His re-call happens one day after he won the individual batting practice title among IronPigs pitchers.  Seth Rosin‘s team won the overall title as reported by Greg Joyce of the Express Times.  My own favorite in the contest, Adam Loewen, is currently with Reading.

Our old buddy Diek has struggled this season.  They were asking him to be more of a complete reliever and matching him against RHB as well as leftys.  At times, I felt like they left him out there too long, as well.  Reports out of Philly are that they want him to work on coming inside to LHB and on his overall game against RHB.  Other whispers I’m hearing suggest there may be some mechanical cause, which needs some work.  Either way, he’ll get his work here and  be back up quickly, I’d surmise.  I believe he pitched last night, so I’m not expecting to see him on the mound tonight–but likely Saturday and/or Sunday.


Gut It Out


This past off-season, Jake started a campaign through Athletes Brand to raise money for Ulcerative Colitis research.

Here’s the story:


You can get the shirt here.

Here’s a new, printable roster.  Diekman will wear ’23’ with the ‘Pigs this season.

2015 LHV Roster 6-5


But the story of the night last night was LHP Anthony Vasquez.  The veteran is making a comeback after undergoing emergency brain surgery during his time in the Mariners system.  Read more about it here.  Last night, he lead the ‘Pigs to an 8-0 win by pitching 7 2/3 innings of 3-hit ball with 3 BB and 4K to lower his ERA to 1.64.  He also went 2/2 at the plate with 2 RBI.  This was my first time seeing him pitch:  He’s not a fire-baller, sitting 87-88 with his fastball, sometimes slipping to 86 and only touching 89.  But, he hits his spots, keeps hitters off-balance with breaking pitches, and works at a feverish pace.  If every pitcher were like him, we’d have a clock limiting how quickly they can pitch, rather than the other way around.  He also has a decent move to first, which kept the Indians’ running game in check and picked off a runner early in the game.

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

2B Tyler Henson and OF Brian Bogusevic also had two hits each last night, while 1B Chris McGuiness had 2 RBI in the win.  Just prior to the game, we learned that Bogusevic has a July 1 opt-out.  We’ll be sad to see him go–he’ll likely take the opt out or secure a spot with the Phillies by then–but he really deserves it.  He’s hitting .328 here 50 games in, with an .823 OPS.

LHP Adam Morgan was pushed back out of last night’s start in favor of Vasquez.  From what I hear, there’s no health problem.  He just had a couple things to work on and will start tomorrow night.  He took part in the hitting contest yesterday and even deposited one in the trough, from what I hear.  If there were a health issue, I doubt he’d be out there swinging for the fences.

Tonight, veteran RHP Jason Berken takes the mound.  While his overall ERA this season is 3.89, he’s allowed only four earned runs in his four starts–21 innings–for a 1.71 ERA as a starter.

Berken.  Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Berken. Photo: Cheryl Pursell


See you at the park,



PS:  All systems ‘go’ for “Friends of Kram” Pre-Game tailgate TOMORROW (Saturday) LSI (lower) lot.  4PM start, 4:30 Sesame Shrimp and Apple-smoked Ribs.  Look for the flags, and stop by!  Sunday TBA, but most likely post-game in Joe’s Corner.



Bonus Video.  I know it’s “Though it Out” but I always think of this when I hear “gut it out.”




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