Gear Report: Mid-Year Store Additions Noted

So I joke around about the jerseys, but I’ve noted some new gear additions in the IronPigs store as well as in Reading.  All this as we await the Independence Day caps for 2015.  In fact, the MLB “July 4” design has already been leaked:

2015 "4th of July" Design

2015 “4th of July” Design

I’m not quite sure what to think about it–and we don’t know exactly how the design will be used by the IronPigs, or which logo they’ll use.  Ultimately, I’ll need to see it in the store in person before making my buying decision.  Last season, I had no intention of purchasing the cap until I saw it in person.  Recall the design:


The IronPigs verison with the red and the Liberty Bell (Sunday) logo was nicely done.  We’ll have to wait and see how it looks this season, but I’m not optimistic.  Also, there are other issues with using the flag in cap designs:  Read This


But it’s not all caps and flags.  You’ll see plenty of IronPigs or Reading gear walking around their respective stadiums–much more than at some other parks.  You hardly see ANY RailRiders’ gear up in Moosic–perhaps a Yankee cap or two.  The demand and support that our local fans exhibit leads to a multitude of choices.  Recently, I’ve been very happy with my Majestic hoodie and my Rawling’s (on field design) hoodie.  New additions at the Majestic Clubhouse Store in Allentown include a polo by UnderArmour which was so nice I had to get one.  It was in the “Sunday” design, and word has it a “Friday” design will be coming soon–if it’s not in already.

blue polo

I was bopping around the Reading store to see if they had something similar, and voila!  Nike DriFit!



One more thing:  grab the gear before it’s gone.  My experience with some of this stuff is that once it sells out, it won’t necessarily re-appear.  Also:  Some of this stuff makes great Father’s Day gifts!

See you in the store,


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