Funny Story, That Only Our Buddy Rick Will Truly Appreciate

Must be an "Away" game... Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Must be an “Away” game…
Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Of course, we all love Rick.  Known as @hehemyhoney on Twitter, he is the ultimate connoisseur of fine jerseys.  Sure, it bothers me that he wears the “away” jerseys at Coca Cola Park, but he is my “go to” source for information about authentic–NOT replica–jerseys and jersey details.  And, like him, I like to wear the jerseys I have, not lock them in a drawer someplace.

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Anyway, Friday night, Mrs. Kram accompanied me to the SteelHawks game at the PPL Center.  It was her very first SteelHawks game, and despite the loss and the relatively low score, she had a good time.  I had prepped her about the nature of the game, the possibility for noise, and the fast-paced scoring.  When Richmond scored a touchdown on the first play of the game, from 40-yards out (on a 50-yard field…) she said, “I see what you mean.”

Then, the SteelHawks took over on offense, and Mrs. Kram had a question.  Was it about football?  About the differences between the PIFL and the NFL?  Was it about the Uno (or “Rouge”) scoring?


It was,

“So, how many of these jerseys do you have, dear?”


The answer is “none,” but I could understand the question.  It’s the same question you’d get, isn’t it Rick?  I gotta cut down on the jerseys… 😉


See you at the park–I’ll be the one with the “Home” jersey on,



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  1. Oy vey.

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