A Bad Team of Biblical Proportions 

“In the big inning…”

[Even Kenny Giles’ bobble lost his arms tonight–I didn’t do it, it came that way.]

As the “Pigs are bad” lament began today, a friend asked how much longer I plan to keep going to the games.

“As long as there’s something interesting to watch,” I replied. Franco until the call up, the Billingsley rehab, the Morgan comeback, the maturation and development of Sevy and Joely, and our friend Tyler, Phillippe doing Phillippe things…there’s interesting stuff going on.

It occurred to me tonight that there’s been some competitive periods of baseball, too. Not games of it, mind you. But like tonight, it was a 2-2 game behind Franco’s blast to left and Joely’s best game so far in AAA. But just like Saturday night following a 1-1 start by Adam Morgan, everything went to heck in just one inning. The starters haven’t been immune, either. It’s not just crooked numbers–it’s big, fat, bulbous numbers. Numbers that have been difficult to recover from–mentally and physically. On Mother’s Day, the IronPigs Moms were accusing the G-Braves of running up the score on our dear players.

But still stuff to watch:  Tomorrow David Buchanan in his 2015 IronPigs home debut, Wednesday another chapter in the remaking of Phillippe Aumont, and now the return of Cody Asche to play left field–stuff to watch (one more left-handed outfielder, but whatever–we love Cody!)

[Franco Puts One In The Pen. Photo: Cheryl Pursell]

See you at the park,


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  1. I got up there last night… saw plenty of woof-woofs, nobody I recognized… did find your boy following DiPro, tho… should’ve asked him about those pictures…

  2. Talking about a bad team of biblical proportions, at a comparable time in 2008 our Lehigh Valley Ironpigs were 5-30. With 10 wins under our belts so far in 2015, we’re twice as good as we were back then.

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