Dom Brown Back With The IronPigs (To Stay?)

NoiseNation File Photo

Dom Brown makes a diving play in LF in this NoiseNation File Photo from 2012, at “home” versus the SWB “Yankees”

Yesterday, Dom was activated from the MLB 15-day DL and optioned to AAA Lehigh Valley.  He was not in the lineup or at the game last night as his “report” time was probably used to make a decision on how to clear an IronPigs roster spot for him, and maybe give him the evening off to clear his head.  Just prior to the game, LHP Adam Loewen was placed on the Temporary Inactive List for personal reasons.

Some other sites were having some fun with Dom yesterday, but here’s how I see it:  Of course he was under the assumption that he’d be activated before or at the end of his rehab process.  He was named the starting right fielder in Spring Training.  Plus, his replacements, Francoeur and Sizemore, have done nothing to claim the opportunity.

In the mean time, the Phillies weren’t impressed with his at-bats during his time with the IronPigs and want him to look a little better before they bring him up, so they used the option that was sitting there for them.  In actuality, they could have just brought him up and cut Sizemore loose–how much worse could it get?

But that’s the Phillies’ prerogative–now it’s time for Dom to lock it in and get some hits.  Yup, perhaps someone was worried about whether he was getting hits or not.  I’m a Dom fan and I want to see him do well.   He’ll be in the lineup every day getting his work in, and will likely be on the bus to Indy Thursday afternoon.  By the time they get back May 7-8, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him activated to the Phillies then–depending on performance, of course.

As for Adam Loewen, I’m a fan of his as well:  I hope everything is OK with him, and also that “Temporary Inactive List” isn’t a euphemism for “Can’t find the strike zone with a GPS and  a guide dog”  after his poor outing the other day.  Hopefully he’ll be back and pitching well soon–if there were personal issues, that could certainly effect his performance, and we hope it’s nothing serious.

Loewen Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Loewen Photo: Cheryl Pursell

One more thing to watch:  I’ve learned that the date for Maikel Franco to be promoted to the Phillies without adding an extra year to his “clock” is May 15.  That next home stand from May 8-13 might be the last chance we get to see him.  Also, watch for 2-3 days in a row of 1B work to signal that they’re about to promote him.  Cody Asche has already begun work in left field during batting practice in Philadelphia–I’d almost propose a trial there in Allentown, but he’s hitting so well right now you probably leave him at third (most days) and live with the fact that Franco will be wasting his arm and fielding at first (most days.)

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Photo: Cheryl Pursell


See you at the park,



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  1. If you thought we didn’t have any offense, just wait until Franco leaves for Philly. Without his hot bat we’d be even more than 10 games below .500 thus far in the season!

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