S. O. P.

“I don’t worry about the hits.”

–Domonic Brown


Well, good.  The Phillies have sent us a pitcher who’s not concerned with results (see also:  Billingsley, Chad) and a hitter who’s not worried about getting hits.  Is it any wonder we’ve got the worst record in the International League?

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, back to your regularly scheduled game report:



“All that is gold does not glitter, not all who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

–J.R.R. Tolkien


The golden pig on the hats last night didn’t help the cause, as the Bisons pounded out 18 hits on their way to an 11-1 thrashing of the IronPigs at Coca Cola Park on a cold and frosty evening.  It was “Heroes Night” but the IronPigs had none on the team.

Starter Paul Clemens had us in it through five–it was 3-0–but  the inability to hit with guys on base was evident.  18 times guys stepped in and were unable to move the runners or push them across the plate.  The IronPigs managed 8 hits and drew 4 walks–there were chances.  But after the Bisons pushed another run across in the top of the sixth, to make it 4-0, Tyler Knigge came in and allowed another charged to Clemens.  He allowed one of his own in the top of the seventh to make it 6-0 and then really struggled in the eighth before yielding to newcomer Nick Hill, who also allowed an inherited runner to score.  There were no errors on the night, but I’ll just say the defense wasn’t inspired by the score or the freezing cold.

But today’s another day.  New pitchers will be on the mound and a new lineup will be in place.  Maybe it will be a little warmer?  Nope.  Less windy?  Nope.  But hopefully we’re not just repeating the same thing and hoping for a different result–because we all know what that is.

But bacon will be for sale and fireworks will go off, because that’s what we do.  I know it will get taken out of context the same way I did it to Dom Brown above–because you can’t just shut down operations based on record.  Everybody hates losing–nobody more than myself.  I hope not, but unfortunately it might be S.O.P.

S ame

O ld

P igs


See you at the park anyway,



A couple more things:

  1. There were only about 17 of us in the park at the end–not a surprise.  One of the folks left was Charlie Manuel.  He was on the phone in one of the suites–I can only imagine whom he was talking to:  Uber, to get a ride the heck out of there?  Ruben, telling him that the AAA team is as bad as the big club?  The Mets, looking for a job with a winning team?  It’s fun to speculate.  Charlie’s a good guy though–gave us a wave and a smile.
  2. Dom Brown has an option left–or at least that’s what I read on two different sites this morning.  We might want to get used to seeing him batting third.  Notice I didn’t say “hitting” third.  I’m not concerned with the hitting.  But seriously, I am glad it’s not working on his brain, and sometimes it takes some time for the hits to start dropping.  I’ve always been a Dom Brown fan, regardless. I just hate losing.
  3. We’re on for tailgate Sunday.  Pre-game is “bring your own food.”  I’ll be bringing Wegman’s Subs–let me know if you want me to pick one up for you, too.  Post-game I’ll be serving chili dogs with my special home-made chili recipe.  It’s sure to keep you warm, although it is supposed to be a bit nicer.  Location is “Joe’s Corner.”  More to come as we get closer.
  4. “It’s all about feel, for me in a rehab assignment.”  –Dom Brown.  OK, how ya feelin’?  Oh, me?  Thanks for asking.  I feel like we need to win some baseball games.

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