GAME DAY: SteelHawks Arena Football Game 7PM

Pretty Good Crowd for the Opener Last Week Photo: SteelHawks

Pretty Good Crowd for the Opener Last Week
Photo: SteelHawks

Last Week

The SteelHawks took down the Marion Blue Racers without much difficulty, in what was technically an exhibition with the loss of the Harrisburg franchise.  Expect a much closer game this week.

Team Report

PIFL Standings

Columbus 3-0

Alabama 2-1


Trenton 2-2

Richmond 2-3

Nashville 1-2

Erie 0-2

Black Jerseys on Black Turf:  Look Out! Photo SteelHawks

Black Jerseys on Black Turf: Look Out!
Photo SteelHawks


Kickoff:  7:00PM

Doors:  6:00PM

Parking:  Widely available on various downtown lots and decks.  Check for locations and real-time information.  The arena “North” Linden Street deck is “pre-paid” parking only.  Purchase a parking pass for that location when you purchase your tickets.  It is the most expensive parking option.  Most parking should be $6.00.  Meter parking free after 6:00PM, although some changes will be coming in that regard.

Tickets:  Widely available online (–most expensive option) or at the Mealy Furniture Box Office.

Halftime:  East Stroudsburg Marching Band

Promotion:  Water Bottles to first 1,000 fans

Other Notes:  SteelHawks Juniors had use of the field this morning and afternoon.  We could get a glimpse of their play at some point during a game break.



The SteekHawks came from behind to beat Erie in week 1, 50-43.  Erie is moving up in leagues this year; they had previously played in the X-League with last week’s opponent, but are win-less so far in their PIFL debut season.


What To Watch

  • All football teams have weaknesses–the SteelHawks weakness seems to be protecting the QB.
  • Watch for the SteelHawks to employ quick running plays including QB draws to keep the defense honest on the line.
  • Watch for some drag plays and counter-action in the short passing game to keep Erie from sitting on the short routes.
  • I hope to see some deep timing patterns off three-step drops.  It will open up the middle of the field and keep the DBs from sitting on short routes by our WRs.
  • On defense, expect them to yield some deep balls in the first half, then adjust and pick some off in the second.  The defense is a strength of this team and usually gets stronger as the game goes along.
  • Watch for success in special teams.  Lots of TDs will be scored by both teams–sometimes the margin of victory is the ability to convert extra points, 2-pt conversions, and Uno’s (kickoff through the uprights).  A TD can be worth as little as 6 pionts, or as much as 9.
  • Watch for the program guys inside the gates.  Programs are free and will include full rosters for both teams.
  • Watch to see how the Marching Band does.  As an old band-y, let me tell you when they move the hash marks around it can mess things up.  Good luck to those kids today!  I’m looking forward to them giving it a kind of college-feel during the game.


Players To Watch

  • Oparanozie Chindozie gets the start this week at LB due to injury.
  • QB Shane McSweeny has been very effective with his arms and legs.  However, Coach Thompson could use backup Zach Zulli in spots where he wants to run the ball more effectively up the middle.
  • WR Brandon Renford terrorized the Erie defensive backfield in the first game.  If he’s seeing extra coverage, Mack Ogletree and Jerrell Jones could have big games.
  • DE Larry Ford will be in the Erie backfield a lot.  He’s the all-time SteelHawks sack leader, and a heckuva guy.  Say hello to him on the field after the game–and tell him Noise Nation sent you.
Post-Fireworks Haze from last week.  Photo: Kram

Post-Fireworks Haze from last week. Photo: Kram

The view from the 400-level suites.  (Thanks Mr. Nacci)  Photo: Kram

The view from the 400-level suites. (Thanks Mr. Nacci) Photo: Kram

See you at the arena,


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