Broccoli Schmoccoli!

All the hubbub this week about an activist group paying to have a billboard put up to “protest” or influence the IronPigs baseball team to give bacon less hype. I have one question. “Do they not have anything better to do?”

Ok, yeah.. they got what they wanted. A response and a little publicity. The politics of trying to determine who/what people eat began after the first bite of apple and will only end when the sun runs low on fuel, expands and cooks the earth like an 8th inning hot dog.

The response that was sent out was clever, in a way. They are going to serve broccoli. Broccoli in bite form. Surrounded by cheese and bits of bacon then deep fried. I’ve had these before, not bad. I am kind of partial to the fried corn bites though…

I do like broccoli. I like salads. I like wheat bread an other purported health foods. I do. What I don’t do, is crave them at a ball game.


“Buy me some rice cakes and gluten free crudite?” Yeah, I don’t think so either. “Can you grab me some free range chicken and organic juice?” Nope.

The IronPigs have gone out of their way since day one to hit all spectrums of the food world at Coca Cola Park. There are a lot more healthy options available that don’t get much attention… because not many people want them! They want hot dogs. They want pierogies. They want nachos. They want a 2 foot long bacon dog.

Really, outside of the die hards, the full season ticket holders, you really can’t say someone is consuming all this junk foods all the time. Most full seasoners I know try to eat before or after the games. Combine convenience and cost and hey, they’re still doing alright.

There’s not a soul at Coca Cola Park that eats there every, single, game. Even if they did that’s only 72 days of the year. Ballpark food is not the problem.

Less bacon? More bacon? It’s not an issue and I will waste not one more word on the subject.

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  1. When is the deep fried broccoli coming????

  2. It’s funny, the Iron Pigs already did have broccoli. I am sure I bought it on a baked potato at the ballpark last year. I have to remember that because I like the baked potatoes. I was at the game Tuesday and didn’t eat. I walked around the entire ballpark and didn’t see anything I wanted. I was trying to find a stand which was selling the BLTs announced earlier in the year but didn’t locate them.

    • I do that as well. So many options it’s hard to decide. Was watching the show “The Americans” last night where two old Soviet spies living in America scoff at how to decide from so many options. Made me chuckle over everything that Coca Cola Park serves. It’s still early though, some of the items may pop up after colleges/schools let out and they can fully staff all the stands.

  3. Bless you, sarge! 🙂

  4. Given the abundance of corruption in American politics these days, would not be surprised to find out that is was those carpetbagging Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankee Rail Riders who got the Food Gestapo to get on the IronPigs’ case.

    Would also like to sincerely thank the Food Gestapo for stimulating our local economy and wholeheartedly encourage the Washington, D.C.-based freaks to continue to purchase as much billboard space as they see fit!

  5. Great article, Dan! Your second paragraph is awesome!!! I, in fact, had a baked potato with broccoli & cheese for lunch yesterday. But for most games, this season ticket holder eats at home – not because of so-called “unhealthy” food, but because of the bite on the wallet, even with the ballpark credit!
    See you soon at the Park!!

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