Sunday 4/12-15 Wrap Up

What a crazy day for Lehigh Valley sports!

The Noise Nation staff was split in two with DiPro at the Pigs, myself at the Steelhawks and Kram doing a little of both.

I’ll keep this short for tonight but the Steelhawks took charge in their home opener against Marion. It seemed every time I blinked I heard “TOUCHDOWN STEELHAWKS!” or “INTERCEPTION STEELHAWKS!” or “FUMBLE RECOVERED STEELHAWKS!”

Noise Nation favorite Larry Ford became the all time Steelhawks sack leader and I believe the interception record was broken today as well!

Final Score: Steelhawks 85, Marion 38

I’ll leave the details of the Pigs game to Kram and DiPro but heard they won as well, extending another late rally into extra innings for the win!

Go Pigs! Go Hawks!


Categories: Lehigh Valley IronPigs, Steel Hawks

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  1. The old Steelhawk turf at the Stabler featured some rather prominent adverts… they’re very few and rather small, as Lennon would have said, on this new rug… but they’re probably working on that…

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