Missed it by THAT Much, Again – IronPig Game Results 4/11/2015

Our Pigs fought hard to come back last night and they fought hard again late tonight to no avail… so I won’t start having nightmares from 2008 returning just yet.

Starter Severino Gonzalez went 6.2 innings allowing 3 runs, but only 1 earned… on 4 hits, 1 walk; Assisted by one IronPig error.

Seth Rosin came on in relief and while he wasn’t charged the 2 7th inning Pawtucket runs, he was the pitcher who was on the mound when those runners crossed the plate. Rosin continued into the 8th and allowed Pawtucket’s 4th run. Adan Loewen came and tossed a scoreless inning for the Pigs in the 9th.

Going into the bottom of the 9th, the Pigs mounted a late rally for the second night in a row combining a Cord Phelps walk, Jordan Danks single and Tommy Joseph single to load the bases with no outs. The Pawsox pulled lanky lefty pitcher Robby Scott and in came right hander Heath Hembree to face Chris Nelson. Nelson dribbled a ball toward third base and the pitcher’s errant toss allowed the run to score and the Pigs remained with the bases loaded and no outs, now down only 2 runs. Chris McGuinness stepped up as a pinch hitter, looking to celebrate his birthday with a win. He promptly popped the ball to the Pawtucket second baseman. 1 out. Next up Mastroianni. He went down looking at a third strike.

Noise Nation favorite Tyler Henson stepped up swatted a 2 RBI single to right field tying the game!

Franco, coming into the night with bobblehead fame, got the Pig’s early RBI with a 6th inning double but struck out swinging to end the 9th and get every remaining fan at Coca Cola Park their first extra innings free cup of WaWa coffee.

Loewen continued for the Pigs into the 10th. A bloop single to centerfield helped Pawtucket load the bases with just one out. After a force out at the plate, Manager Dave Brundage called on Colton Murray. Murray worked a full count before ending the inning with a fly out to right field.

In the 11th, Garcia and Henson both singled giving Bobblehead Franco another chance to win the game setting up runners at 1st and 2nd with 2 outs. Facing a 2 strike count, the pitch came in.. and Franco went down swinging. Two chances to win the game. Two strike outs. Looking like Ryan Howard tonight…

The top of the 13th saw Pawtucket plate run off of Hector Neris to take the lead. The Pigs were able to get a single from Nelson, followed by Garcia walking with one out in their half of the inning. A double play ensued, game over.

Final score: IronPigs 4 Pawsox 5

Some Cheryl Pursell photos from tonight:

Starter Gonzalez

Starter Gonzalez



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4 replies

  1. Alright, so at least the IronPigs put up a decent fight two nights in a row against a Pawtucket team who are the defending champions and reputed to be the class of the International League again this season, as well — this in direct comparison to the Phantoms, who lost at home to the team who are ranked 15th and dead last in the Eastern Conference (tied for second-worst in entire 30-team American Hockey League).

    It is entirely too early to start comparing this IronPigs team to the infamous 2008 crew. But that doesn’t mean the apparently overhyped Mikael Franco doesn’t need to get his butt in gear pronto. I don’t want to hear any lame excuses about cold weather, either. Mostly because Franco is supposed to be a professional and he does get paid lots of money to cope with all kinds of things, such as springtime weather in the Northeast.

    A batting average of .167 (2 for 12) does bring back bad memories of the forgettable T.J. Bohn, it must be said.

  2. Yes, Steve Kline, without question … Great stuff!

  3. Apparently fueled by a reference to T.J. Bohn hours before game time, “highly touted prospect” Mikael Franco went 3 for 7 with two doubles and two RBI on Sunday to lift his season average nearly one hundred points to a much more respectable.263, it shall be noted for the historical record

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