IronPigs’ Exhibition Rained Out but Fear Not!

The IronPigs’ exhibition game tonight against the Phillies’ AA affiliate, That baseball team out in Reading, was rained out. It wasn’t a severe rain, but it was slow, cold, steady and not expected to end anytime tonight.

I don’t blame them one bit. It’s a shame for folks wanting to get their first look at the local teams but, like me, unlike Kram… most of us stayed home and tuned into Pigs Radio on ESPN Radio 1320 & 1230 AM. Attendance would have been low. Those in attendance would have been cold, wet and miserable not to mention the countless IronPig employees and the players themselves.

It’s ok. It really is.

Thursday is just a day and a half away. In just 5 hours and 7 minutes you will be able to start belting out the Annie song “TOMOOOORRRROOOOWWW! It’s only a day awayyyyyy!”

Unfortunately, it is April in Pennsylvania and the forecast, as of right now, for Thursday night includes a low of 42 degrees and a 75% chance of showers.

Dress and plan appropriately. Stay warm dry and happy. It’ll be ok. Winter is over and baseball is officially here!


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