“Swaggin” –Feeling the Love on IronPigs Season Ticket Pickup Day

Coasters are part of the STH gift package this season

Coasters are part of the STH gift package this season

Today was the first day to pick up season ticket packages for the 2015 IronPigs, over at Coca Cola Park.  As always, it’s a day where I feel all warm and fuzzy and appreciated by the IronPigs.  They probably feel the same way on the day when I drop off my big giant check every year, but so it goes.  Gift packages may vary with the type and size of your ticket plan, but here’s what I got, with my four (4) club level, full season tickets:

  1. Coasters  Pictured above, a nice set of 4, soft, baseball-like coasters.  Let me know if I was supposed to get four sets, but nevertheless, what was I gonna do with 16 coasters, anyway?
  2. Hat Coupons  coupon edit (1)Don’t try to print it, there’s a code on the back.  But, a nice explanation for why they didn’t arrive in time.  I wonder if those LA Port folks have my salt and pepper shakers from two years ago?  Just kidding, but I hope the hats are nicer quality than the ones we got two years ago.  I expect the USA logo below, given the “Bacon USA” slogan for the season:
  3. usa edit
  4. PPL PicNic Patio Coupons  I think they said 9th, 10th, or 13th, during the first home stand.  Your game ticket is still required, but a free buffet during the early games is a nice way to make use of the patio when it’s normally not sold at all for the games.  The food is nothing special, but I’ve got two teenage boys, and all-you-can-eat hot dogs and hamburgers is always a good idea.  What did I get?  The 9th!  Free food on opening day!  Let us in early and my boys will clean you out!  😉
  5. Parking Pass  Don’t hate,but I get a free preferred parking pass.  It’s part of having four (4) club level full season seats.  If you signed up for a discounted pass for this season, you’ll get your parking as well.  For me, this pass has a $360.00 value and (somewhat) justifies having four seats in the club level.
  6. 222 Showcase Tickets  Season ticket holders receive free tickets to the “222” game on Tuesday April 7.  I hope we can get a better crowd this season to cheer on both the IronPigs and the Phuture IronPigs.  Good weather please!
  7. IronClipper Rewards Coupons  One book for each seat, the coupon book is double-size compared with previous seasons.  An increase in coupons can be directly attributed to an increase in concession and clubhouse store coupons.  Make sure to check them out, and have them ready during the month when they are valid!
  8. Loaded Value  It’s not evident at first glance, but the $4 loaded value is greatly appreciated!  It doesn’t sound like much, but for me it’s worth $576 towards ballpark food, drink and merchandise that I probably would buy anyway.  Thank you IronPigs!

One last thing:  Noticed some building going on in the area of the BierGarten.  Could the ‘Pig Stop’ be moving, as some have suggested?  I don’t know, but perhaps it’s merely a more secure structure for the concessions there.  Here’s a look:

build edit


Anyway, thanks again to the IronPigs for making it special.  See you when my hats (and salt and pepper shakers?) are ready:


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3 replies

  1. I don’t know what the guy in the blue shirt is doing but I don’t think I’d want to be the guy standing directly beneath him.

  2. I think if the hats are held up at the Port of LA, the chances of them being Made in the USA are slim to none, since that’s the main port of entry for goods from China and Taiwan. I share your sense of irony, though.

    On a completely different subject, this is the time of year when I begin to wonder what front-office staff we’ve lost over the off-season (and other long-time ‘Pigs workers, too). Any chance of doing a column on this before the season begins?

  3. Picked up my stuff today. Looks like you’re correct regarding the coasters. I get 3 season tickets and got just 1 set of 4 coasters. I like them because they don’t slide on my desk like traditional coasters. 4 is plenty.
    My 3 PPL Picnic Patio coupons are for Tuesday April 14th..

    I had a few other issues but no big deal. I’m good to go.

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