Former IronPig Prospect Calls it Quits

We heard his name over and over again as the IronPig’s Legendary play by play announcer Matt Provence made the call, “Michael Taylor with the first cycle in IronPig’s HHHHHHISTORY!”

Now and then we got news of Taylor while in the A’s system after being part of the trade that brought Roy Halladay to the Phillies.

This morning we found out Taylor has decided to retire.

Fair wind and following seas Michael. Good luck and thanks for the memories.

Read the official story here.

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4 replies

  1. Truly a disappointment. Michael had all the tools to be a great baseball player, but just never figured it out. We may never know why. Nonetheless, we wish him well in retirement and hope he can still use his baseball skills as a manager of coach somewhere, even if it’s only a Little League team. I’m sure he has lots to give.

  2. I did read, can’t recall where, that he is planning to return to Stanford and complete a degree.

    • Yeah, he’s a bright guy. I kinda blame Oakland: let him languish in AAA when he probably shoulda been given more of a shot. Money ball or whatever. By the time the White Sox got him there was no chance. I looked kinda old and slow when we saw him at CCP last season with Charlotte. Best to him, of course. I remember the day he got traded, I was visiting the CCP front office for some business matters, and it was like someone died: The whole place was sad–even in the offseason. Uncommon for a player to have left that kind of impact on the organization.

  3. Michael last played at Coca-Cola Park in June with the Charlotte Knights. He didn’t play in the first game on June 16th and then went 1-3 with a walk on June 17th. His single came off Sean O’Sullivan. He was 0-4 on June 18th. His final game at Coca-Cola Park came on June 19th when he was 1-3 with a 5th inning double to center field off Ironpigs pitcher
    Chris Bootcheck.

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