Kram’s IronPigs ‘To Do’ List: Getting Ready For Opening Day


It’s 30 days until IronPigs Opening Day!  That’s less than a month!  OK, so it’s less than some months.  And, there will be the “222 Showcase” game at Coca Cola Park this season, which comes two days earlier.  In any case, the season is coming up quickly, in some ways, and not quickly enough, in others.  Here are the things I’ve got to do before April 9 rolls around–perhaps you’ll need to do some of them as well:

  1. Pick Up My Tickets:  Ticket pick-up for season ticket holders starts tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 10AM.  I always look forward to what kind of goodies they’ve got in store for me in the form of the season ticket holder gift.  Plus, I don’t want to be standing in line for tickets when opening day gets closer.  See you tomorrow morning, IronPigs!
  2. Get the Cushions Ready:  There are going to be some cold days as the season gets going.  If you recall, LavaBuns are the official heated seat cushion of section 209–gotta make sure mine are ready to go. More info:  HERE
  3. Get An Eye Exam:  I’m not just being self-serving here.  That white ball is small, and I’m not getting any younger.  I want to be seeing my best when the season rolls around.
  4. Wash The Car:  Maybe this one will have to wait until more of the snow is gone, but I’m not going to have a ton of time to wash and/or wax the car once baseball’s here.
  5. Watch The Spring Training Games on the TV or Computer:  I want to get a look at how our guys are doing–who’s going to make the Phillies and who will start with us in Allentown.  Plus, it helps ease the wait.
  6. Keep In Touch With My Fellow Season Ticket Holders:  There’s a new SpaceBook page for IronPigs season ticket holders.  If you’re on Facebook search for LV IronPigs Ticket Plan Holders and apply for membership.  It’s a good resource for communication about the issues that face season ticket holders.
  7. Pack The Car, Vol. 1:  Early season weather can be a little dicey sometimes.  I’ve found I like to keep an extra set of rain gear, perhaps an extra sweatshirt or jacket, an extra hat and an extra umbrella in the car for game day, just in case.  Plus, I’m planning a fair few trips to Reading this season, so having extra supplies in the car is a good idea.
  8. Pack The Car, Vol. 2:  We have some tailgating traditions to uphold, and with the sketchy weather early on, sometimes tailgating happens at a moment’s notice.  I like to keep a box of tailgating stuff ready to go–sometimes I just leave it in the trunk–in case a tailgate needs to happen pre- or post-game.
  9. Plan The Wardrobe:  I know, it’s kind of silly.  But without the proper planning, I’ll end up at the park wearing the same exact hat as DiPro.  We both have too many hats for that ever to happen.  Also, some jerseys will fit over sweatshirts and coats, and some won’t, so I’ll need to have them ordered for Spring and Summer wear.
  10. But Don’t Buy Anything:  They always suck me in at the store with all the new gear for the new season.  However, with the loaded credit on the season tickets, it might be advisable to wait to purchase any new team gear–perhaps a day when I’m not consuming mass quantities of pork products and beverages and I’ve got credit to use up.
  11. Buy Extra Tickets:  Be careful here–but tickets ahead of time are $2 cheaper for the IronPigs, and if you want to snag a Reading flex plan or some out-of-town tickets, now might be a great time to secure prime seats.
  12. Read The Blogs:  Of course, you can follow along here for all the latest IronPigs news as the season approaches.  Team and baseball-related coverage will continue, including special reports from photographer Cheryl Pursell from Spring Training in Clearwater.  We’ll also add news about the stadium, concessions, and other changes associated with the IronPigs experience as we prepare for the 2015 season.  In addition, I’d like to direct you to a couple other friends whose stuff I like to read as we prepare for the season:
    1. Baseball Betsy
    2. Baseball Ross
    3. Phillies Minor Thoughts
    4. Phuture Phillies (in particular, Jim Peyton and James “given to fly”)
    5. Phoulballz (Jay Floyd)
    6. Chuck Hixson

See you at the park (soon!),


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