It’s Just A Slogan, #BaconUSA, and Pig Day


The IronPigs were born in 2008, had their inaugural season, and somewhere along the way, “Go Hog Wild” was born. In 2009, that was the marketing slogan, the rallying cry, and what Tim Cherones would yell before the T-Shirts got launched.  In 2010, it was the forgettable “Laugh. Cheer. Oink!”  We lost that one along with a ton of games and the oinK sign to boot.  In 2011 we were instructed to “Pig Out.”  Eat, yes, but the negative baseball connotation drew some of us to rally around the more pleasurable “Pig Safe.”  Anyway, they liked it so much they kept it through the 2012 season.  In 2013 they co-opted Matt Provence’s radio sign-off with “Where Pigs Fly” and kept it through 2014.

2014 brought us some new uniform designs.  Not a re-branding.  Yes, there’s bacon on shirts, but not in the same way as ostriches, you know.  They didn’t (and won’t) change the name of the team.  But, the bacon designs were more popular than even the IronPigs management could have imagined.  To this day, if you stop by the Majestic Clubhouse Store, you can see the USPS boxes lined up for mail-order hats.  The IronPigs are selling all kinds of stuff with their Saturday bacon logo–because they can!  

And, they’ll continue to promote it with this year’s marketing slogan:  “Bacon USA”  No, they’re not going to change the name of the team or the base design of their brand.  It’s not Reading’s “Baseballtown.”  It’s just something for the Cherones impersonator to yell before we get T-Shirts.  This is minor league baseball and they’ve got to keep it fresh.  Or, smoked.  Whatever, but it is brilliant from a marketing and sales standpoint.  New concession items will compliment the slogan.  To those who are getting sick of it already?  This too shall pass.  Check in with me in the off-season as I usually have a “suggestion box” post or two open–we’ll come up with something for them to use next year instead.  In the mean time, have a glass of milk; get a sandwich.  Put some bacon on it.  This is all for fun!

signs on yard

Pig Day is Tomorrow!

That means, single-game tickets will go on sale to the general public, first in person over at the park and then online or by phone in the afternoon.  The park will be open, and you can seek shelter in the club level if you like.  We’ll get a peek (how close?) at the new left field seating and the new park dimensions.  There will be pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs (with bacon?!?) for free, and hot chocolate, coffee and sodas.  The store will be stocked with more bacon gear than you can afford.  An auction to benefit IronPigs Charities is usually available, and you can sign up for one of the fan “clubs.”  Mascots will be around, too, to entertain.  Come and go as you please–it’s pretty cool.  Maybe they’ll even give us more yard signs!


See you at the park,



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  1. There are certain fools in the universe (like me) who collect hats and look for oddities, and I’m sure they’re buying these up like hotcakes. Whose Minor League hats do I collect, other than the Pigs’? The Las Vegas 51s, for example, who sport caps with an alien on it, or the Albuquerque Isotopes, whose hat has a capital I with an atom circling it. Another fun one is the Omaha Storm Chasers, whose logo is a mean-looking tornado character carrying a bat. Leave AAA and you can find the Richmond Flying Squirrels (AA) and the Charlotte Stone Crabs (A Adv.), with interesting ballcaps. The Lansing Lugnuts’ and Hickory Crawdads’ (both A) hats are pretty cool too. I could go on. Let’s just say, instead, that a lot of bright, creative people are out there helping their teams through a soft economy.

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