Story Time: “A Fan Had An Idea…”

Once upon a time, there was a fan.  Mostly, he liked football.  NFL football.  Baseball and basketball were too boring, and hockey was for Canadians.  But, he did relish the chance to see a live sporting event and enjoy a cold beverage, so he would occasionally take in a live baseball game.

News came, that baseball was coming to the Lehigh Valley.  It would be played in a softball stadium two blocks from the fan’s apartment.  Would there be traffic problems?  Would there be cold beverages?  Would his car get dented from foul balls?  All good questions, but ultimately the fan took a pass on the Allentown Ambassadors.

News came, that baseball was coming to the Lehigh Valley!  This time, a new stadium would be built!  For baseball!  Cold beverages would be served and season tickets were for sale.  But, the fan was cautious.  Good thing, too, because the Lehigh Valley Black Diamonds never really played in the Lehigh Valley, and their baseball stadium was bulldozed.

News came, that baseball was coming to the Lehigh Valley!!  This time, the team would be affiliated, and the owners of the Reading Phillies (remember the Reading Phillies?) were involved!  The Philadelphia Phillies gave their blessing.  It was all going to be good–including the cold beverages!

And it was.  It was glorious!  In 2008 the fan visited the park several times, and although the team won none of the games, a good time was had.  Cold beverages were abundant.  And when the call came in February, 2009 for season tickets, the fan went “all in” for the full season ticket package.  Club level, near the bar.  Indeed, it was glorious!

But it could be better.  Who were these players, and why can’t they win more games?  This stadium is great, but it could be even better!  The fan searched for information on the InterWebs.  He happened upon…

…The Horn and Bell Blog.  The writer Dan had information about the team daily.  He cared about the wins and the losses and the players involved.  He cared about what was going on at the stadium  And it was even more glorious.  The fan started commenting on the blogs, and eventually deluged the owner Dan with Word documents and manifestos.  Dan published some of them.  At some point, Dan got tired of the re-posting and allowed the fan to have his own “column.”  Kram’s Korner was born.

And it was glorious.  Later.  Or, not.  Whatever–but cathartic at least.  How about a seven-part series on what they could do better over at Coca Cola Park?  That would be great.  It started in March of 2011.

Please read part 6, HERE on season ticket holders.

Season ticket holders should get a chance to meet the players prior to the season.  That was the idea.  It wasn’t original–other teams have done it.  Why not here?

Perhaps there are too many season ticket holders.  The suggestion fell on deaf ears.  Until now.  Here’s the press release from yesterday–and it’s not just for season ticket holders:

Get an up-close and personal look at the 2015 IronPigs with an exclusive pre-season Meet the Team dinner benefitting IronPigs Charities on Wednesday, April 8 at 6 p.m. on Coca-Cola Park’s Coordinated Health Club Level. Tickets are just $35 per person and can be ordered by calling Dana DeFilippo at (610) 841-1213. This exclusive event is limited to just 100 people.

In addition to getting a first look at the 2015 IronPigs team, guests will get a chance to hear from both IronPigs third-year manager Dave Brundage and IronPigs President and General Manager Kurt Landes.

The Meet The Team event includes your choices from the following buffet dinner menu as well:

  •          Classic Caesar Salad
  •          Grilled Chicken Picatta
  •          Penne Pasta with Fresh Herbs and Parmesan Cheese
  •          Roasted Vegetable Lasagna Rosa
  •          Steamed Broccoli Florets with Garlic Butter
  •          Tiramisu Cake

All of the proceeds from this event benefit IronPigs Charities, a non-profit organization striving to create recreational and educational opportunities for Lehigh Valley youth.

Purchase your tickets today to swine, dine and have a squealy good time at the ultimate Pig-nic to kick-off the 2015 season!

The IronPigs home opener is tabbed for Thursday, April 9, at 7:05 p.m. against the Pawtucket Red Sox and the first 3,000 fans 18 and older in attendance will receive an Opening Night Baseball Cap presented by Service Electric Cable TV & Communications.

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs will put single-game tickets for the 2015 season on sale to the public on Saturday, March 7, in a National Pig Day celebration that also features a commemorative “Bacon, USA” T-shirt giveaway for the first 500 ticket purchasers 18 and older, a Pig Roast with complimentary pork sandwiches, along with a number of activities for families and children. More information is available at


…and it was glorious….

See you at the park,



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