Top Ten Reasons To Get To A Phantoms Game In March

I haven’t watched David Letterman for years, but back in college, it used to be “appointment viewing.”  With his last show set to air May 20, as an homage, some topics will now appear as a “Top Ten” list rather than a full blog post.  Lazy?  Yeah, probably.  Funny?  Maybe if we’re lucky.  Quantity?  Yup, I should be able to churn out a bunch of these.  Enjoy.


Maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to get to a Phantoms game yet.  Or, maybe you’ve only been to one or two.  If so, you should go during March.  Here’s why:

Top Ten Reasons To Get To A Phantoms Game In March

10.  April Means IronPigs:  My hockey friends will always choose Phantoms over Pigs, but once the weather turns nicer you’re going to want to be out at Coca Cola Park.  And, there are a few nights where they both play at the same time.  If you haven’t been yet–or if you’ve only been to a couple–get in another hockey game before baseball starts.

9.  The Arena Is Getting Better:  Lines for concessions and rest rooms aren’t nearly as bad as they were earlier in the season.  Same goes for that line to get into the Phan Shop.  Things are smoothing out.  It’s a great time to go to a game.

8.  “I Forgot How Exciting This Is”  Kram3 said that the other day. Hockey will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Don’t look away or you could miss a big goal.

7.  That Sound:  You say you haven’t been to a hockey game at all, yet?  C’mon out.  When the players warm up, and you hear their skates on the ice and the pucks hit the sticks and the pucks hit the net and the boards–there’s nothing else quite like it.

6.  Bombers:  I’m a big fan of the 24-oz beer cans.  They don’t spill as easily as a big cup, and they stay cold longer.  There’s a nice selection now:  Miller Lite, Labatt’s, Yuengling, Heineken, to name a few.  A cold beverage will help you relax and enjoy the game.

5.  Tim Horton’s:  OK, so it’s still too cold for beer?  Have a nice Timmie’s coffee.  Get a box of donuts.  Another neat way to enjoy the game.  Kram Jr. loves their hot chocolate, too!

4.  A Nice Dinner:  There’s plenty of opportunity to have a nice dinner before the game.  So far, I’ve sampled The Dime and Hamilton Kitchen.  Friends have raved about ROAR.  The Cosmopolitan is near by–as is the Bay Leaf.  You want more casual?  Chickie’s and Pete’s has an entrance right onto the concourse.  The BrewWorks has a really nice menu.  Tony Luke’s Steaks and Philly Pretzel are right there on Hamilton as well.  I’ve heard good things about Crust.  Don’t worry if you’re dressed for hockey–we’ve been welcomed wherever we’ve gone!

3.  Bow-Tie Ben:  Our friend Ben from the IronPigs is doing a great job as the Master of Ceremonies.  He’s got something different most every night–plenty going on between the hockey; you won’t be bored.

2.  We’re Not Eliminated Yet:  Look, I won’t sugar coat it:  It hasn’t been pretty lately, but we did get a much-needed win last night.  This is a talented team that continues to get healthier.  Winning games are coming; I can feel it.  Come out to a game when “The Ghost” is playing!  There are SIX home games in March–you should get to one of them!

1.  Parking is Easy:  If you’ve been avoiding hockey because of the parking, let me tell you that it hasn’t been a problem.  At all.  I’m in and out quicker than at IronPigs games, and I have a preferred pass at Coca Cola park.  If you’re really nervous you can pre-purchase an arena-deck pass right from the web site, and you’ll be covered.


So there you have it.  You need to get to a hockey game this coming month.  You won’t be sorry that you did; it’s a lot of fun.


See you at the area,


PS:  I’ve got a group of friends coming on Wednesday March 25.  There are a limited number of extra tickets left at face value $11.50 ($10.00 group rate plus $1.50 fees).  Let me know if you’re interested. Kramof209(at)

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