Top Ten Reasons To Purchase SteelHawks’ Season Tickets

I haven’t watched David Letterman for years, but back in college, it used to be “appointment viewing.”  With his last show set to air May 20, as an homage, some topics will now appear as a “Top Ten” list rather than a full blog post.  Lazy?  Yeah, probably.  Funny?  Maybe if we’re lucky.  Quantity?  Yup, I should be able to churn out a bunch of these.  Enjoy.

Completed Field View Courtesy SteelHawks and PPL Center

Completed Field View Courtesy SteelHawks and PPL Center

10.  It Saves The Fees:  I’ve been preaching this for a while.  Single game tickets for the 2015 SteelHawks at the PPL Center Arena in Allentown are on sale starting today!  The cheapest $8.00 ticket will run you $15.50 with fees.  The most expensive, front row $38.00 ticket will run you $47.50.  Save the fees and just buy all six games.  Even if you can’t use them all, you can give them away or not–but at least you’re not spending all your money on fees!

9.  The Games Are Fast-Paced, and Full of Action:  The nature of the sport, if you haven’t been, is that a touchdown can be scored on any play from anywhere on the field.  It’s not just possible, it’s likely.  You won’t be bored, I promise.  No team in their right mind will ever try to “run down the clock” because the other team can score too quickly.  Although, they will run it in rather than pass from the one-yard line, sometimes *cough*seahawks*cough*.

8.  Black Turf:  Just look at that picture above!  It’s pretty cool, and unique.  You’ve got to see it in person!  And, you’ll be hooked, so you may as well lock in the lower price with season tickets.  Plus it won’t burn your retinas like the red turf in Trenton.

7.  High Scoring, Close Games:  No lead is ever safe in these games.  Junior wanted to leave once last season because he thought the game was over by looking at the score.  Wrong.  It went down to the last play.  That ALWAYS happens–good or bad.

6.  Beer and Food Choices:  There were very few food choices within Stabler–and no beer whatsoever.  That’s not so at the PPL Center arena!  We may have lost our tailgate tradition, but come early and have a bite at Chickie’s and Pete’s or another downtown spot, and enjoy a cold beverage of your choice during the game!  I know there’s a Yuengling with Glenn’s name on it over there already!

5. Watch the Game in Comfort:  If you haven’t yet been to the PPL Center:  It has padded seats.  An old guy like me appreciates the comfortable aspects of the brand new arena.  You will, too, regardless of your age.

4.  Jimmy T:  Just wait until we score, and you’ll see Jimmy T sprinting across the field, waving a SteelHawks flag, like nobody’s business.  And while I’d never wish anything bad to happen to my good buddy Jimmy T, you have to know that there’s a non-zero chance that a member of the other team takes offense to such wild flag behavior.  Of course, they’d have to catch him first!  Do you really want to miss that?  I didn’t think so!

3.  The Best of All Sports:  It’s got the speed of hockey and the back-and-forth of basketball.  And, oh!  It’s FOOTBALL!  It has all the hard hitting action you’d expect at a football game, packed into a speedier game.  You’ll love it!  And minimal time-outs!  Have you been to an NFL game lately?  They stop every five seconds for a “TV Timeout.”  Poppycock.  We line up and play in the indoor game!

2.  DEE-Fense:  Despite the high-scoring and the speed of the game, the SteelHawks have become known within their league (the Professional Indoor Football League, or PIFL) as the hardest-hitting defense around–with the loudest fans.  Come check it out–grab a six-pack of tickets!

1. The Officials Need Help:  If there’s one thing bad about SteelHawks football, it’s that the officials have sometimes been a bit, shall we say, questionable.  Now, with the big screens and replays at the PPL Center, we’ll be able to help them.  If there’s one thing officials like, it’s getting plenty of help from the crowd.  😉

The above is my unsolicited and unedited view on SteelHawks football.  For more information, check out their web site at or call them at 610-282-3100. Order season tickets.  You won’t be sorry.

See you at the arena,


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  1. Wow I’m at #4, thanks!! I promise you I have the whole Steelhawks team backing me up if the visiters want to tango,LOL!! I’ll be training soon cause I have quite a distance to go on that black turf!!! I’m ready, bring it on!!

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