Hockey Night in Allentown: “It’s Not The Real Rangers” 2/21/2015

In the early days of the IronPigs there was a lot of losing.  A LOT. Legend has it, in the midst of a long losing streak, Andy Tracy and some of the other veteran players started a fire out on the field at Coca Cola Park–somewhere near second base.  That story has been passed down from fan to fan through the ages, though, and at this point I’m not sure how much is true.  What I do know is that I’m about ready to burn something at center ice if it would help the Phantoms win a darn home game.


Looking Back

The Phantoms lost to the Providence Bruins last night at home, 5-1.  The home team controlled play in the first period, but we went to the first intermission tied 0-0.  Then, the Bruins scored 8 seconds into the second period and it was all downhill from there.  The shot disparity Wednesday night was not a problem, as the Phantoms played with the lead.  Last night it was a problem.  I couldn’t “bear” to watch it, and left at the second intermission.


Team and Player Report

But just because I left doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention.  We did listen to the third period on the radio and learned that Terry Murray was mixing the lines differently in the final period to try to get something going.  We’ll see how that impacts tonight’s lines.  It could be a matter of the deck chairs all in different locations.  We’ll see.

Goalie Anthony Stolarz was pulled at 4-0 last night in favor of Martin Ouellette.  It wasn’t all Stolie’s fault we were down 4-0–but again he could have played better.  I’d expect to see Stolie out there again tonight.  I know Stolie’s the prospect, but I sure do miss Rob Zepp who is still in Philly, at least until next week.


Tonight’s Game

It is neat to notice all the away jerseys at the Phantoms games.  I expected a few Pens and Hershey sweaters, but lately, we’ve seen Bruins jerseys and Devils jerseys and the like.  [Aside: Who knew former IronPig Pete Orr was so popular with Bruins fans?] It’s cool, and almost all have been well-behaved, including the Bruins fan in front of me last night.  However, the last time Hartford was in town was the only time I had someone in my face because I was wearing a Phantoms jersey.  To that fella I say this:  It’s not the real Rangers.  And I’m not a Flyers fan.  Plus, beating us at home isn’t a terribly difficult feat, anyway.  Sit down and enjoy the hockey.

Game Time:  Puck Drop 7:05PM; Pre-Game Show (Chickie’s and Pete’s) 6:30PM; Doors: 6:00PM; Getting a table in Chickie’s tonight may be easier than other Saturdays, but I usually advise 4:30PM to assure a table on Saturdays.

Tickets:  This game has gone SRO.  It probably won’t sell out, though, given the weather.  I’d also expect a ton of seats to appear on the secondary market as the snow starts falling.  The VIP package has been sold for tonight.

Weather:  There’s a Winter Storm Warning starting at noon today, through tomorrow.  This game WILL be played, though.  Both teams are in town and officials should be here, too.  C’mon downtown and park in a garage so that you’re car will stay clear of snow.  Should be fun.  Especially if I have to fight a Rangers fan later.

Broadcast:  TV-2.  Radio:  AM-1470; FM-89.9 (arena feed; again sounded great last night from multiple locations within the PPL Center).  Internet:  Phantoms web site, IHeartRadio, AHL-Live (pay)

Promotion:  Legends Night with Frank “The Animal” Bialowas, assuming he makes it into town with the weather.  When approaching Mr. Bialowas please do not mention Home Depot.  Or dimmer switches.  Because:  this.

Poster artist:  Keith Beale

Poster artist: Keith Beale

What To Watch

  • Watch to see how many people make it through the snow to the game tonight
  • Watch to see if the lines are wonky to try to shake us out of this home ice funk
  • Watch to see if we can win a darn game


Looking Ahead

The Phantoms will be home for practices all week.  I feel like the practices might be a little better if they can win tonight–but either way, they need it.  Home again next Saturday for Binghamton.


Post Script

Some of the above are jokes.  I know it’s not Pete Orr.  I rarely fight hockey fans.  I’m just feeling a little restless what with all the losing.  Now, let’s get that fire started…


See you at the arena,


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  1. What is the vip package?

    • There are two “VIP” seats for each game. They are located at ice level, between the player benches. You must buy both. I believe the face value of those tickets is $98.50–with fees and parking it’s $225.50, or something like that. You also get a signed stick and a ride on the Fan-boni. To purchase, select the game you want on, on the right it will let you know about the VIP package. Select ‘purchase.’ and add two (and only two) seats and try to complete the transaction. If it gives you the red “not available” screen, then the VIP seats have been sold for that game.

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