2015 IronPigs Roster Prediction: Second Base

Now that Spring Training has begun, I’ll get going with my annual, futile, attempt to guess the IronPigs roster for when they take the field on April 9 at Coca Cola Park.  Below, I’ll not mention the possibility of trades, injuries, and outright releases, because they are always possible and I have no inside information which would allow me to predict such.  I’m just calling it as I see it.  It’s a bit different this season, because I believe the Phillies’ own motivations on how to construct their roster may be a bit different than in recent years.  We’ll see, I guess.  Oh, one more thing:  I’ll likely forget somebody or make an inappropriate assumption somewhere along the line. Please feel free to add information or corrections in the comment section.  Thanks.  Here we go:


We’ll go position by position around the diamond in the appropriate order, but I’ll save the pitchers for last.

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Second Base

The Candidates

Tyler Henson

Carlos Alonso

Albert Cartwright

Cord Phelps

Chris Nelson

The Prediction

Tyler Henson and Cord Phelps


Our old friend Tyler can play some corner outfield, as well, of course.  However, I’ll be predicting a ton of outfielders, so that may not be totally necessary early in the season.  You never know, though.  I’ll have Chris Nelson with the 3B group, and Alonso and Cartwright will likely return to Reading.  It won’t be Cesar Hernandez though; he’s out of options and will likely stick as a bench player in Philadelphia or opt for a change of scenery after passing through waivers.

None are on the 40-man.  Nelson and Phelps are in MLB camp–as is Andres Blanco, although I’ll have him with the shortstops.  Phelps played last season with Norfolk, and the previous three with Columbus.  He had a smattering of MLB time each season.



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  1. As you requested on Twitter: No Cartwright, signed with the Dodgers.


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