Steve Susdorf Retires

First reported by Jay Floyd of on Twitter last night (@PhoulBallz), Steve Susdorf considers himself retired.

We said good-bye to Steve and his wife Kelsey rather suddenly last season when he was released by the Phillies in July.  Our farewell post is here.

As Steve moves on with his life’s work, we of course wish him well.  He’s probably got more important things to do, but if he were interested, I feel like the “professional hitter” would make a good coach.  Maybe it wouldn’t be in the spotlight or at any level of professional baseball, but maybe it would be for kids somewhere, who need guidance, support, and instruction.  I have no information; that’s just my own impression.

If you’re out there somewhere, Steve, take good care, and you’ll always have some friends here in Eastern Pennsylvania if you ever want to stop by.

Susdorf Photo: DiPro

Photo: DiPro


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  1. I’ll always remember Steve Susdorf as one of the best pure hitters — perhaps THE best pure hitter — the IronPigs have ever had. If I remember correctly, he was really in a groove when the ‘Pigs let him go last July, which made his release all the more frustrating.

    You’re so correct when you say he’d make a good coach. So many kids (little kids and big kids) need good coaching on how to hit consistently. Too many want to be the next Ryan “Home Run” Howard — and end up being the next Ryan Howard, striking out most of the time and waiting for news of a trade.

    In any case, best of luck to Steve and Kelsey as they enter this new phase of their lives. I hope they do stop back to visit us once in a while.

    • Yeah, sometimes the guys with the most natural talent don’t make the best coaches because they don’t understand what it means to struggle. At the same time, I know Steve worked very hard at his craft, and that he would be able to connect on a personal as well as an athletic level at any skill-level he decides to pursue, if coaching is indeed in his future.

  2. I just wanted to thank everyone for all of their support over the last few years. I really enjoyed all of my time in Lehigh due to the great people that came out to Ironpig games. While it was very sudden and unexpected my release last year just goes to show that professional baseball is a business. I would have never thought that after spending 7 seasons with the Phillies it would end so abruptly but it did. Even though I was very frustrated with how everything went down, I am very thankful for all of my time with the Phillies and feel incredibly blessed that God allowed me to have such a long and successful professional career.

    As for me now, my wife and I had our first son two months ago, Owen Robert Susdorf. Remember the name, he might pass through Lehigh at some point in the future!!! I just started a career as a project engineer for a large construction company. I am extremely interested in that field and am really enjoying it a lot so far. As far as coaching goes, I do give lessons to younger hitters which I really enjoy.

    So thank you all for all of the support. I do believe that everything happens in God’s timing and for me, it was time to move on. I will always miss baseball but am looking forward to the next chapter in life.

    • Steve, thanks for your reply. Congratulations on the birth of your son! It was great to hear what you’ve been up to; I have no doubt you’ll be successful on your current path. Best of health to you and your family,

    • So nice to hear from you Steve and glad things are well! Congrats to you and Kelsey on your son’s birth – the next chapter will be a whirlwind adventure.

      IronPig for a day is something I’ll always cherish and it was a pleasure to spend it with you.

      Please stay in touch and let us know whenever you may travel Eastward!

      God Bless


    • Good to hear Steve, and congratulations on your son. Hope your job and the lessons go well.

      I will miss seeing you play when the Pigs visit Scranton, but you’re right, it is a business. It was a pleasure chatting with you before games, even if it was just a quick hello.

      Best wishes,

    • I’m in the Lehigh Valley and made an overnight trip to Scranton to watch you play. I took an iron pigs baseball with me and you signed it, hubby took a pic of me standing next to you when you signed it. The baseball along with the picture and pen you used is proudly displayed in my china closet. Thank you for your time with the pigs.

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