IronPigs Raising the Concessions Bar, in Bacon, USA

You’ve been to “Baseballtown.”

Maybe you’be been to Williamsport, PA–home of the Little League World Series, and the Rookie-A Crosscutters.

Perhaps you’ve been to Cooperstown, NY:  Home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Some of you have been to the Field of Dreams location, in Iowa.

But this year, I’d like to invite you to Bacon, USA.  Where winning (hopefully) baseball is played by players with bacon on their uniforms the fans eat nothing but bacon in the stands.  The “Smell the Change” campaign of 2014 has changed into the “Everything Bacon” theme of 2015 for our home-town IronPigs.

I first smelled some changes coming as I spoke with Chef Jerry at the “Pig Pen” media conference.  However, the ‘Pigs have been rolling out new menu items–most of them with bacon–on Twitter over the past few days and weeks.  Some of them look….interesting.  But, bacon.

So later in the Spring, I’ll try to have more details for you:  Descriptions, Photos, Location for Purchase within Coca Cola Park, Prices, and maybe even a review or two.  Don’t worry.  I don’t mind.  It turns out, bacon is something my body needs anyway.

Welcome to Bacon, USA.



See you in the concession lines,


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  1. I feel the need to make some distinctions here, and to raise the tiniest bit of protest, I guess. To me, bacon is bacon. I love bacon. Bacon is NOT pork, however — pulled or otherwise. I do not like pork. Never have, probably never will.

    So anything the ‘Pigs want to add with bacon in it is fine with me. I’ll try it, maybe even love it. As for “1,001 Ways to Present Pork,” forget it. Count me out. I’m already porked half to death. And really, a burger or a hot dog is nice once in a while — especially a burger with bacon on it.

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