Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

The Phantoms had every chance to win tonight’s game, but again find a way to lose to last-place Binghamton on home ice.


They KNEW Kram was in the house…


The team was more disciplined tonight and seemed to be willing to keep it simple. An early 2-0 lead from Stolarz and Straka was eventually erased in the third period but an Akeson snipe put the Phantoms back ahead 3-2 with only minutes to play. With the goalie on the bench, the Sens found a way to get one over Stoli’s shoulder and send his water bottle flying with only 38 seconds left.  The game was tied, much to the chagrin of some of the junior inhabitants of the press box.

The Phantoms made a nice try to steal it in regulation, though, but nevertheless ended up in overtime where they had their chances but just….another top corner job in the final seconds and the Phantoms get only one point; the Sens again own the PPL Center.

Something tells me the Hockey Gods are still making us pay for those three goals in 38 seconds from December 17. Hopefully tonight was it, because these Sens will be back a week from Saturday.

One last thing: I thought the officials missed A BUNCH of questionable calls that they could have made on the Sens tonight. I thought the Phantoms kept it mostly clean–better than our usual anyway.  I’m never one to blame it on the officials when our own team could have played better–but I wasn’t happy with this one.

More later–Another hockey night Friday!


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