“Breaking The Ice” @LVPhantoms #BreakingTheIce

We’re more than half way through the Phantoms’ inaugural season at the PPL Center in downtown Allentown, and we’re having a lot of fun, right?  Everything around the arena is improving as time goes by, as is to be expected.  We’ll look more at that and what the front office needs to improve on for the 2015-2016 season, coming up.

However, one of my favorite things about this new team we have in the Lehigh Valley has been the Service Electric coverage.  Now, I don’t get to see the TV broadcast that often because I’m usually at the games.  However, they’ve been doing a “studio” show on Monday nights called “Breaking the Ice.”  It’s broadcast live from the soundstage inside Chickie’s and Pete’s over at the PPL Center on Mondays from 7PM to 8PM.  Usually, they have a couple players drop by for questions–some of them from fans like us via Twitter.  They also talk with a guest such as a coach or an arena manager.  There’s usually a feature piece where Kristi Fulkerson learns how to tape a hockey stick or drive a Zamboni or shop for Phantoms gear.  Finally, they usually close talking a few minutes with radio voice Bob Rotruck, who’s been with the team for some time and follows them on the road.

This show is just the kind of thing that I love:  learning more about the team and the players, as well as what’s going on around the arena as well.  In fact, if the “Horn and Bell Blog” was a TV show, it might resemble “Breaking the Ice” a bit.  It also might resemble our “SuperFans” series a bit as well, but you get my point:  What we do around here is for fun and for those interested in more information about our home-town professional teams.  The “Breaking the Ice” show accomplishes just that.

So, tune in at 7PM on Monday nights on TV-2.  If you don’t get Service Electric where you live, you can always stop by Chickie’s and Pete’s at that time to catch the show in person.  The nice side benefit of that, is that the players who are there are often very approachable if you’d like to say ‘howdy’ or get a quick picture or autograph.  No promises, of course, and depending on the team’s travel schedule, they do sometimes have the show without any players.

Tonight the players are Nick Cousins and Brandon Alderson.  I’ve also heard that Philly hockey legend Bill Clement will be in town tonight.

See you at Chickie’s (sometimes),


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