Changes up in Moosic : Rob Crain out as GM of @SWBRailRiders

Kurt Landes’ counterpart, compatriot, and sparring partner from the Yankees AAA affiliate was asked to step down as GM by the new ownership group taking over the RailRiders franchise in Moosic.

Crain oversaw the transformation of the franchise with the re-build of the stadium and the relaunch of baseball in northeastern Pennsylvania.  Attendance was once again respectable for the former Red Barons–their name from the Phillies days.

As a distant observer, I find it a somewhat puzzling move given their recent success as a franchise (not, however for the coveted IronRail–that’s another story!)  I suppose it’s the prerogative of the ownership group to install a guy (or gal) as they see fit.

While I never had any direct dealings with Mr. Crain, I always felt his staff was very supportive of us, as fans, when we visited his park–either individually or as a group.  As peripheral media for the IronPigs, they were also very receptive of us as visitors covering the games on the field.  When there was a problem with my tickets two years ago, his staff handled it on an “above and beyond” level.  When things go that well, you know an organization has strong and capable leadership.  I’m certain he’ll be missed in Moosic.

I’m also certain he won’t be out of work long.  I know that he’s overseen franchise transformations prior to the Yankees affiliate’s.  Another club will be calling shortly, I assure you.

Fare-thee well, Mr. Crain.  Let us know if you’re ever in Allentown.  I know where we keep the IronRail if you want a chance to see it again.  😉

Here’s a photo of Mr. Crain cooking burgers and dogs for his staff.  Et tu Mr. Landes?  😉




See you at the park,


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  1. …and what is your opinion of the 20 second pitch clock in AA and AAA baseball this year? If it gets me home before 10 PM I’m in favor of it.

    • Well it will cut down on the angry texts I get at about 9:30PM:
      “You know, it’s a school night. Get those kids home.”

      But sometimes an extra few minutes can be helpful: With Dorta-Hoover-Chavez on tap for next inning, I’ve got time to go to the bathroom AND the bar and maybe the concessions too, and not have to worry about missing anything!

      Plus, these clocks are gonna LOOK ugly. I don’t think of myself as a “traditionalist” or “purist” but overall, I’m against the clocks. I say get some umps who aren’t afraid to keep the game moving, and we’ll be just fine.

      Instead of starting with AA and AAA, they should have started this with Red Sox / Yankees.

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