Why Coca Cola Should Produce A-Treat

On Thursday at the Phillies/IronPigs’ Charity banquet we learned that Coca Cola has extended their naming rights to the IronPig’s home field for 10 more years. We also learned, sadly, that my favorite soft drink provider A-Treat has ceased operations.

This led to many thoughts and memories as I viewed countless photos on social media of folks buying mass quantities of one of the strongest brands in the Lehigh Valley.

Who else can remember going to the beer distributor with dad to buy beer and also pick out 12 liter bottles of A-Treat? I mean you could pick twelve different flavors or load up on your favorites. Something to watch Gunsmoke? Sarsparilla! Perfect for a picnic? Birch Beer! Best mixers? Orange mixed with Cream to taste like Bazooka Joe bubble gum. Want to be cool and have a Christmas cocktail like the adults? Throw some Grapefruit in a fancy glass. Even mixers for adults.. Lime A-Treat with vodka. Pineapple with coconut rum. The options are endless.

I remember the days of picnics past where there were two coolers. One with Coke and one with A-Treat. There was rarely A-Treat left over. It is… was, that good.

Why should Coca Cola help us out and obtain/produce A-Treat products? Then we could have A-Treat available at Coca Cola Park.

I love A-Treat… how about you?

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  1. I agree with you but I insist you spell my favorite flavor correctly: it’s SARSAPARILLA. I have relatives in Colorado, Kansas and Virginia who mourn at A-treats passing. And one month a year they used to make Orange Dry, a orange version of bitter lemon that made my gin go down easier. We need Joe Brake to save the day.

  2. I agree 100% and said as much on Facebook the other day. Coca-Cola could produce it cheaper and market it better to turn it into a profitable business. And it would fit right in to their product line as a lower-cost option to “The Real Thing,” which has gotten rather expensive since the ’60s, when I was a kid.

    My favorites? Above all, their Lime soda, which they apparently discontinued some years ago (at least I haven’t been able to find it for years). And their Orange is as good, if not better than anything their bigger competitors produce. And, of course, there’s the Black Cherry, which we could never get enough of at a picnic because it would be the first flavor to run out. One more: How many places do you know of that make white Birch Beer?

    How ’bout it, Coca-Cola? If not the Atlanta corporation, then maybe Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of the Lehigh Valley, an independent affiliate, would like to take a stab at it. That company is owned by ABARTA, Inc. out of Pittsburgh, whose CEO is John Bitzer, a man I know to be open to bold ideas (if the numbers are right).

    Given A-Treat’s long history in the Lehigh Valley and it’s devoted followers, it seems to make sense.

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