5th Anniversary!

I’ve been meaning to write this up but haven’t found the time or motivation until now. Yeah, I missed the year end, old lang syne, warm fuzzy happy review as well.

This is kinda big for us. 5 years in the books for our blog. As my involvement over the past couple years has been limited I can only look to my fine friends for their dedication in not only keeping us running but also moving us forward. We’ve befriended many bloggers over those 5 years and have seen many of their blogs fall into the abyss of burn out. Blogging consistently takes a significant amount of time and effort, just ask DiPro and Kram and they can explain it to you. It also brings many rewards, friendships and also a lot of fun.

In 2014 we saw our Steelhawks get to the Championship game. They fought hard and made us proud. This year we are looking forward to the Hawks flying into the PPL Arena for their home games. Word is they have been making a lot of good signings to keep up the high level of play. Kind of sad to see the Harrisburg team fold but hey, it happens.

We also finally got our very own hockey team to cheer for. Kram does the bulk of the Phantoms work for us and keeping us informed on all kinds of fan related hockey news.

The IronPigs continue to anchor the Lehigh Valley Sports team. Hard to believe it will be their 8th season in the spring.

2014 also included an exciting Roller girls season. Love my rollergirls!

Just saw a note that our favorite Lehigh Valley Tennis pro Varvara Lepchenko is moving back up the Women’s tennis association rankings. Also, she was included in a top 25 power ranking.. read here.

To close, one day Kram and I will get ourselves to the Velodrome for some bike racing. I’ve been there before but it’s been a while.

Oink! Screech! Roll On! WoooOOOooO! (The noise a phantom makes)

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  1. Hey, a quarter-million Lehigh Valley sports fans can’t be wrong!

    Thanks, Dan, for your guidance and leadership along the way– Folks need to know, that even when there aren’t a ton of posts going up–there are things going on behind the scenes. And, sometimes we’re having so much fun DOING stuff, we don’t ever get it written up. I had a whole post-season IronPigs retrospective ready to go, and then, hockey!

    Thanks, also, to Cheryl for the great pictures and videos. They say, pictures are worth a thousand words, but if you convert that into “kram” words, it ends up like two thousand. Plus I hate carrying a camera around. We’ve been complimented on the “richness of our content.” Well, I think that really means, “You’ve got nice pictures.” 🙂

    And a thanks to DiPro, too. Again, even if you don’t see a ton of posts from him, he’s asked for technical help around here a lot. And, he’s the source of a lot of behind the scenes information connections, too. Plus, he keeps me from drinking a whole pitcher of Crabby Ale all by myself.

    And I love the Decal posts. I wish we could get more. Perhaps we need to take a page out of the MiLB play book and put him on some kind of “pitch clock.” Just kidding of course–his knowledge of the history and game of baseball is a treasure that we’re happy to have available from time to time.

    As always, I’ll see you at the…..park/arena/etc.


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